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George Will: Newt Gingrich, the Republican who’s scared of capitalism

Gingrich seems to believe there is always some higher synthesis that makes all his contradictions disappear.

From NationalPost.com, by George F. Will, Dec 15, 2011 –

WASHINGTON — Newt Gingrich — the friend of his detractors, to whom he offers serial vindications — provided on Monday redundant evidence for the proposition that he is the least conservative candidate seeking the Republican nomination. He faulted Mitt Romney for committing acts of capitalism. Continue reading →

Corzine Proves Capitalism

From Conservative.org, by Brian Wesbury, November 30, 2011 –

The $41 billion bankruptcy of MF Global, led by CEO Jon Corzine, is obviously front page headline news these days.  It has been,  and will continue to be, a circus-like atmosphere.  Rumors and innuendo  will mix with facts and emotion as pundits and investors attempt to divine a  meaning or message.

There are many who want to make this about Wall Street and  Capitalism.  They will say, “the subprime crisis, Bernie Madoff, the flash  crash, market volatility, and now MF Global all show how out of control, or  crooked, or un-regulated Wall Street and capitalism really is.  Continue reading →

Why Capitalism Glorifies God

From townhall.com, by Katie Kieffer, October 17, 2011  – I contend that if you profess to believe in God, you must also embrace capitalism.

Lately, many religious shepherds are abandoning reason in favor of sentiment. Catholic nuns are joining Occupy Wall Street revelers, like zombies witnessing to rapturous fans. Meanwhile, Jewish activist and commentator Jake Goodmanis hailing the Manhattan demonstration (which includes numerous blatantly anti-Semitic protesters) as a group of people “philanthropizing with their feet.” Continue reading →