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Unsavory and awkward practice of demanding campaign contributions


Caution: The letter below contains information that should sound an alarm to every Parker County citizen! We believe ANY elected official who uses coercion or intimidation to elicit support, including campaign funds should be looked upon with distrust and disgust. Do we really want those of questionable ethics to preside as judge over the good citizens in our community? 

While assertions in this letter have not been verified, we urge you to look beneath the robe and assess the character of the person within.

It’s not what they say, it’s what they do that matters. – Rush Limbaugh


From the Weatherford Star-Telegram, May 18, 2016 –

Virtually every endorsement by a lawyer or an elected official for one candidate over another is motivated by something other than qualifications of the candidates. It is probably not well known but the County Court at Law No. 2 Judge has a quarter of a million dollars in his budget to be paid to lawyers who he appoints to cases in his Court. That quarter of a million dollars is taxpayer money to be doled out to the lawyers of the Judge’s choice. When the Judge calls these very same lawyers and asks for political donations, it is unsavory and awkward. When this same Judge calls these lawyers and asks for their endorsement, these lawyers are put into an impossible position. In addition to appearing before that Judge regularly and in addition to receiving taxpayer dollars from that Judge, it is simply awkward for a lawyer to tell a sitting Judge that they cannot or will not endorse him.

The Judge in the County Court at Law No. 2 has personally called virtually every lawyer in town and asked for a donation to his campaign demanding that they “max out” at $1,000.00 each. One of his supporters, a well known political insider, has called virtually every lawyer, every elected official and many business owners and demanded an endorsement. Any endorsements for Curtis Jenkins should be viewed through the prism of reality. When a Judge or his representative asks for money or endorsements, it is difficult to decline.

Larry Bracken,