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Look who parks their cash at Bain

From the New York Post, By DEROY MURDOCK, September 1, 2012 – Democrats convened in Charlotte, NC, will double down on their claim that Bain Capital is really the Bain crime family. They will accuse Republican nominee Mitt Romney and Bain’s other “greedy” co-founders of stealing their winnings, evading taxes and lighting cigars with $100 bills on their yachts.

But Bain’s private-equity executives have enriched dozens of organizations and millions of individuals in the Democratic base — including some who scream most loudly for President Obama’s re-election.

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After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs

THE NEW YORK TIMES, By , Published: November 12, 2011 – By the green-hued yardsticks of Wall Street, the 1990s buyout of an Illinois medical company by Mitt Romney’s private equity firm was a spectacular success.

Mr. Romney’s company, Bain Capital, sent in a team of 10 turnaround experts from Boston to ferret out waste, motivate executives and study untapped markets. Continue reading →

Romney’s past is more a working class zero

AP - 2012 Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney recently said he can put Americans back to work, but his record as a private-equity owner speaks otherwise.

From The New York Post, By JOSH KOSMAN, October 19, 2011 – Likely Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been out on the pre-campaign trail this month saying he is the man to get Americans back to work, despite a spotty jobs record while on Wall Street.

However, the former private equity firm chief’s fortune — which has funded his political ambitions from the Massachusetts statehouse to his unsuccessful run for the White House in 2008 — was made on the backs of companies that ultimately collapsed, putting thousands of ordinary Americans out on the street. Continue reading →