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Commishes amp up audio, add visual for meetings

Thanks to County Judge Mark Riley for taking steps to expand the court’s capability and accessibility by enabling residents to watch court proceedings on the county website… another huge step toward total transparency in county government.

Citizens will also benefit from ‘sound proofing’ the courtroom in order to keep outside noise at a minimum.

________________________ County Courthouse

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Judy L Sheridan, 12/10/14 –

The audiovisual system for the commissioners’ courtroom in Parker County’s historic courthouse should undergo some big improvements soon due to the court’s approval of $102,460 in upgrades Monday.

Commissioners have sealed a deal with Communication Concepts, a Fort Worth-based company, to tackle problems with sound volume and intelligibility and expand capability, allowing residents to watch court proceedings on the county website, for example.

Included are a new recording system, tablet-like laptops for commissioners, a brightly lit LED display screen, a high-resolution document camera at the podium as well as a camera in the back of the room, acoustic panels, plug-ins for the media and an assisted listening system for the hearing impaired.

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