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TPPF Statement on Indiana Passage



March 6, 2016                                                                     P: 512-472-2700

                                                           E: cespinosa@texaspolicy.com

TPPF Statement on Indiana Passage
of Article V Convention Call

The Sixth State to Call for a Convention of States

AUSTIN, TX—Texas Public Policy Foundation President and CEO Brooke Rollins and Director of the Center for Tenth Amendment Action Dr. Thomas Lindsay issued the following statements on the Indiana Senate and House passing legislation calling this week for a convention of states to propose amendments under Article V of the United States Constitution:

“The action taken this week by Indiana’s legislature reflects the fast-growing momentum to restore the Constitutional liberty our nation was founded upon,” said Brooke Rollins, president and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s ‘Texas Plan’ sparked a national movement for an Article V convention, and the steadfast efforts of the Convention of States project have been instrumental in this week’s victory in Indiana.”

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An historic movement toward a Convention of States is well underway


“An historic movement toward a Convention of States is well underway,” said Brooke Rollins, president and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “An Article V Amendments Convention to revive Constitutional fidelity and restore the promises of liberty, individual rights, and due process in the face of an aggressively expanding federal government is exactly what this country needs in order to preserve and protect freedom.

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Response to ‘ David Barton voices support of Convention of States in letter’

David Barton

David Barton

The following is Betty Wills‘ response to the previous post: David Barton voices support of Convention of States in letter


The arguments that support an Article V Convention are pure propaganda to cover up the conspiracy that’s driving it.  The progressive movement intends to change our Constitution to better accommodate their needs.

Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah explained it perfectly in the following article:

You can also read her rebuttal to Mark Levin as well as several other fact-based, and meticulously detailed articles at http://freedomoutpost.com/author/publius-huldah/

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