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It’s Time To Fight Back

Sheriff Wayne Ivey says, “It’s time to fight back!” Are you trained and mentally prepared to defend yourself and your family?



Another gun-free, psycho-enabling zone murder spree

From Reformed Musings, by reformedmusings, July 221, 2012 – When will we ever learn? Another psychopath uses a gun-free zone for his cowardly murder spree. This incident occurred in a Cinemark theater, whose owning chain typically posts their properties as gun-free, psychopath-enabling  zones and ejects those who miss the signs. The town of Aurora, Colorado, already has strict gun control laws. As a result, the law-abiding movie-goers were sitting ducks, unable to oppose a psychopath who could not care less about your signs. We’ve seen this too many times. People need to take responsibility for their own personal safety and that of their families.

HT: Three Days to Anarchy

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