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Texas Public Policy Foundation releases “Keeping Texas Competitive 2013” agenda

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Legislative recommendations provide roadmap to keep Texas at forefront of prosperity, job creation, and economic growth

AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation unveiled “Keeping Texas Competitive 2013,” a series of recommendations to the 83rd Texas Legislature that will keep Texas at the forefront of prosperity, job creation, and economic growth.

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Texas can lead the way on Medicaid reform

From chron.com, By Arlene Wohlgemuth, Updated 08:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 22, 2012 –

The Houston Chronicle‘s Sunday’s editorial on Medicaid accurately described the hope that the new 1115 waiver will help hospitals and other health care providers achieve better health outcomes by reforming the way they are paid.

But that reform’s anticipated savings in the next budget are insignificant compared to the $10.5 billion in new state revenue that will be required to pay for Medicaid.

This exemplifies the state’s dilemma. The innovation allowed under today’s Medicaid program will never come close to closing the gap for the demands on state tax dollars for this federal health care program for the poor. Medicaid is in desperate need of overhaul.

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Mario Loyola and Arlene Wohlgemuth to testify on healthcare compact legislation

David Guenthner

I want to give you a quick heads up that the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Mario Loyola and Arlene Wohlgemuth will testify in support of health care compact legislation (HB 5 and HB 1008) at tomorrow’s scheduled meeting of the House Select Committee on State Sovereignty.  Wohlgemuth will also testify in support of the Health Care Freedom Act, which would amend the Texas Constitution to provide Texans “the right to choose or decline health insurance coverage without penalty or sanction or threat of penalty or sanction.”  The hearing will begin either at 10:30 a.m. or upon final adjournment, and persons who cannot attend the hearing can watch online on the House website. Continue reading →

Texas Public Policy Foundation outlines alternative to failed Medicaid program



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Texas Public Policy Foundation outlines alternative to failed Medicaid program

State could provide better health care to more people with control over policies and funding

AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation unveiled a proposal that would replace the federal Medicaid program with a state-driven TexHealth program, dramatically transforming the way medical care and services are provided to low-income individuals.

“The federal Medicaid program is structurally designed to make states spend money in ineffective ways,” said TPPF Executive Director Arlene Wohlgemuth.  “However, Texas now has the opportunity to reform our state’s Medicaid program so that it better meets the needs of both the individuals it serves and the taxpayers who support it.” Continue reading →

Medicaid to consume 50% of Texas state budget within next 30 years

Long-term projections in TPPF report show severe threat to Texas’ fiscal solvency

Arlene Wohlgemuth

AUSTIN – Texas’ Medicaid program is in a state of financial crisis, according to long-term caseload and cost models published today by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

“Even before the U.S. Congress substantially expanded Medicaid as part of ObamaCare, the Medicaid program was financially unsustainable,” said Arlene Wohlgemuth, Director of TPPF’s Center for Health Care Policy. “These new projections make clear that Medicaid will bankrupt Texas – and every other state – unless major structural changes are made.”

The Foundation commissioned Cato Institute Senior Fellow Dr. Jagadeesh Gokhale to develop 30-year caseload and cost projections for Texas’ Medicaid program so that Texas policymakers could understand the extent of Texas’ crisis. Dr. Gokhale’s findings, “Final Notice: Medicaid Crisis,” are available on the Foundation’s website, www.TexasPolicy.com. Continue reading →