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Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter: 2013 ~ the year of adoptions


Animal Shelter in complete disarray – a reflection of city government’s true character

by Judith Fairly – Weatherford is a city at the crossroads. It faces two paths: one leads to a future as a progressive, prosperous community that embraces the challenge of growth from small cattle town to modern city; the other to a small town that has grown out but hasn’t grown up, a town that sweeps problems under the carpet that future generations will have to face.

The City of Weatherford advertises itself as a “family focused community known for valuing historic traditions while planning for the future. It is a safe, livable city with a healthy economy that  recognizes the importance of working with citizens and local partners.” That slogan is laudable but it doesn’t reflect reality.

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Promises, Promises ~ until the election is over

UPDATE: by Harry Wilfer, April 11, 2012 –

I attended the city council meeting last night for the first, and probably last, time. My impression was that of egoistic little-league politicians who actually believe that Weatherford is some kind of metropolis. And as far as blaisdell goes, I can no longer stand the sight of him! Though he was expressionless through the early part of the meeting, his countenance became that of a scowl when the shelter was discussed. He lied and lied and when that didn’t work, he lied some more. I’m not so sure that much will be accomplished for the citizens of weatherford when the city manager position is held by such a dishonest, insincere and self-serving individual.

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City Council responsible to voters for conditions at “Shelter”

by Senator-Blutarsky

Weatherford City Hall

Blaisdell serves ” at the pleasure of the City Council”……..my evaluation of this whole sordid situation is – Blaisdell should resign, just ahead of City Council firing him.

I do not say this lightly.

I have spoken with many well-informed citizens on the shelter issues . The buck stops with Blaisdell, his assistant, (and I understand Steve Bates has been reassigned (?).

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Your Weatherford/Parker County Animal “Shelter” – Apathy or Incompetence ?

UPDATE  March 21, 2012 – The webpage to which I referred yesterday, March 20th has been taken down and is no longer visible – no doubt a coincidence!

No need to trouble “shelter” management with pesky things like facts! After all, out of site out of mind – right? What the public can’t see, the public won’t question – right?

Folks, don’t be fooled and don’t be quite!

That’s YOUR shelter and the city and county “officials” work for YOU! As long as they are spending YOUR taxes and drawing a paycheck paid for by YOU the taxpayer, they are answerable to YOU.

Election day is REPORT CARD day.  Animal shelter management and employees are ultimately accountable to an elected official.  You may not be able to directly influence change at the shelter, but you can fire city council members with your vote. And I believe that is the appropriate place to start.

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Time For An Outside Audit Of The Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter ?

Do you think an audit of the animal shelter by an independent agency should be conducted –


Why Not?

Do you have first-hand experience involving the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter that causes you to believe an audit is warranted?

Could an audit be used to confirm an acceptable level of accountability as well as exposure of any possible wrongdoing?

What do you think? Speak up – it’s your taxes!

Shelter cancels spay, neuter clinic

From Weatherford Democrat, by Sally Sexton (CNHI), January 24, 2012 – 

PARKER COUNTY — Parker Paws has canceled at least one low-cost spay and neuter clinic, according to a post on Facebook, provoking even more questions regarding the relationship between the non-profit organization and the Weatherford/Parker County animal shelter.

“Today’s clinic was canceled due to the vet, Dr. Pamela Kaiser, no longer working for the city,” said Parker Paws president Barbara Pursley via email. “Parker Paws’ low-cost clinics at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter are being suspended. I’m not at liberty to discuss changes made by the city regarding vet services at the shelter for our low-cost clinics, but because of these changes, we’re not sure how long the suspension will last.” Continue reading →

What is Parker Paws?

Click here to learn what we are all about.


Each month hundreds of animals enter the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter. Parker Paws was created by community volunteers to help support these animals.

Our goal is simple and humane: We work to increase pet adoptions and improve the quality of life for the animals in the shelter. This is done by taking pets to offsite adoption events in the community, maintaining our Petfinder.com site so that potential adopters can learn of our pets, socializing and grooming the shelter animals, providing public animal welfare education, fostering pets that are too young for adoption and/or need more time before being adopted, and raising funds for items needed at the shelter.

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