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Yesterday an undercover video of a Planned Parenthood executive staff member was released showing the doctor discussing Planned Parenthood’s ability to preserve a baby’s organs while conducting an abortion and to sell them for medical research. I can think of nothing more offensive and hideous. Shortly after the release of this viral video, Governor Abbott called for an investigation into these allegations.

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Why the Left Wants to Blacklist ALEC

From Texaspolicy.com, By David Guenthner, May 16, 2012 –

For the last couple of months, the bullies on the Left have declared open season on the American Legislative Exchange Council for having the gall to help state legislators across the country advance the principles of free markets and limited government. ALEC’s attackers, while relatively few in number, have been extremely aggressive and loud. Unfortunately, ALEC’s defenders have been even fewer.

That changes now.

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