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America’s Answer to Socialism

From KirkCameron.com, by Kirk Cameron,  August 16, 2012 – America is facing a crisis so severe that many people are beginning to compare our cultural deterioration to the fall of the mighty Roman Empire. A survey of the symptoms that led to Rome’s demise, which parallels America’s downward trends, should be a wakeup call for all of us.

Rome’s decline, many scholars agree, began when the decentralized regions of the empire lost their local control to an all powerful government. Augustus Caesar declared himself to be god on earth, and every decision then flowed down from Rome from an oppressive government bureaucracy. In the empire, crushing taxes on the middle and upper classes drove them out of business and out of Rome. The empire was bankrupt.

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SGT Vincent Hancock wins 2nd Olympic Gold

It is because of young patriots like SGT Hancock and those of his generation that I am so excited and enthusiastic about America’s future.  They believe America is worth fighting and dying for! They are not sitting around complaining about all that is wrong with this great nation, they are changing it. They will succeed because they haven’t listened to the gloom and doom crowd that wallow in their own self-pitty. God bless America’s armed forces – present and past!

– Lenny Leatherman


From American Legion Online, August 2, 2012 –  

Congrats to SGT Hancock winning his second gold in Skeet Shooting:

Ignoring a touch of rain and a ton of pressure, the USA’s Vincent Hancock hit ’em with his best shots. His record accuracy Tuesday with a double-barreled shotgun gave him his second gold medal in as many Olympics in skeet shooting Ignoring a touch of rain and a ton of pressure, the USA’s Vincent Hancock hit ’em with his best shots.

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Why I’m Running

Governor Rick Perry

What I learned in my 20’s traveling the globe as an Air Force pilot, our current president has yet to acknowledge in his 50’s – that we are the most exceptional nation on the face of the earth.

As Americans, we believe freedom is a gift from God, and government’s prime function is to defend it.  We don’t see the role of government as a nanny state, and we recognize there is no government money that wasn’t once earned through the sweat and toil of private citizens. Continue reading →