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David Barton is coming to your area!

WallBuilders’ featured speaker, David Barton, will be speaking this Sunday at Aledo Christian Center in Aledo, TX. Come join David to learn more about what’s happening in America’s culture war today and how we can use history and the filter of God’s word to impact our society (details below)!

WallBuilders continues to reacquaint Americans with our forgotten history and heroes. In fact, WallBuilders now has a weekly television program (the American Heritage Series) seen on most Christian networks and on satellite, as well as a daily radio show (WallBuilders Live!) that you can hear on stations across the country or download from our website (www.wallbuilderslive.com).

Please join David for his riveting presentation on our nation’s moral and religious founding. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who might be interested in learning more about America’s Godly heritage or in hearing David speak! Continue reading →