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Texas voters want more bang for the buck in higher education



New public opinion poll provides valuable guidance to lawmakers on budget solutions

AUSTIN – A public opinion survey commissioned by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and released today found that Texas voters think our state’s public colleges and universities can reduce their operating costs while improving on how they teach students.

Eighty percent of Texas voters think Texas colleges and universities can be run more efficiently, with 50 percent strongly believing so. Only 5 percent of voters think it is not possible.

Seventy-one percent of voters—44 percent strongly—believe that Texas colleges and universities can improve teaching while reducing operating costs, while a mere 13 percent disagreed.
“Texas voters want more value and higher quality teaching for the tax dollars they pay to support higher education,” said Justin Keener, TPPF vice president of policy and communications. “The results give lawmakers and university officials clear marching orders for how Texans want them to address budget shortfalls and rising tuition costs: put our students first and cut higher education overhead.” Continue reading →