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Wallace Hall should stand his ground

From TribTalk, By , May 14, 2014

Photo by Charlie Pearce

I know a little about how Wallace Hall, the embattled University of Texas System regent, might be feeling right now.

It takes courage to stand your ground. I learned that the tough way last legislative session. Conservatives were under relentless pressure to increase spending and grow government. The powers that be wanted us to sit down, shut up and not cause any trouble. It wasn’t easy for my conservative colleagues and me to stand up and fight when we were alone or when we knew we were on the losing side. But we stuck together because we knew our cause was just.

Hall has been under assault by the political establishment for months — his character attacked and name dragged through the mud. His case was recently thrown to the den of liberal wolves at the Travis County public integrity unit in an attempt to bring criminal charges against him.

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