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Report: Academy Sports Creating Database For Ammo Purchases, Pulls Rifles From Shelves

Infowars.com June 15, 2016 –

Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Outdoor retailer snooping for the feds?

Academy Sports and Outdoors is gathering personal data on customers who buy more than 10 boxes of so-called “assault rifle caliber” ammunition and is pulling rifles from store shelves in support of the Obama administration agenda.

An anonymous employee said the new policies were outlined in a recent conference call in which corporate HQ told employees they will soon require buyers to furnish personal information the company will keep on file, likely for the federal government if requested.

Additionally, Academy is pulling anything resembling sporting rifles, including rifle-shaped BBQ lighters and airsoft rifles, from store displays although another employee revealed semi-automatic rifles will still be sold upon request.

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