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This Speech On Abortion By A 12-Year-Old Left Her Pro-Choice Teacher Speechless

At first Lia’s pro-choice teacher told her that she was disqualified from the school’s speech competition because her topic was too controversial. But then she HEARD the speech and was so blown away she changed her mind. Lia went on to WIN the competition! And no wonder. Lia is more articulate than 98% of the people I know. If you agree, share her speech!

Tiny pro-life activist making big waves

From , by John Jalsevac, Dec 21, 2010 –

(LifeSiteNews.com) – When 12-year-old Lia Mills decided to tackle the topic of abortion for a grade 7 speech project in February 2009, neither she nor her family had any idea what lay in store for them.

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Adoption…America First

Can you guess who wrote this legislation ~ Children in Families First (CHIFF) Act, H.R. 3323?

unborn-6mosIn an effort to justify this piece of legislation, this ‘big-hearted’ politician wrote the following:

“…. a key element of U.S. foreign policy to help make sure that every child in need overseas grows up in a caring family.” [Emphasis added]

There’s more:

“My bill also directs the State Department to work with foreign governments to improve their child welfare systems….” [Emphasis added]

I have an idea…Why don’t we take care of our own kids before we try to “….make sure that every child in need overseas grows up in a caring family.”

If you really want to adopt a child, I think that is an excellent idea.

It just saddens me that our liberal socialist leaning politicians spend their time and our treasure trying to find ways to meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign nations rather than caring for our own children.

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Running for Texas Governor, Abortion is a Losing Issue for Wendy Davis

wendydavis3by Michael New, Ph.D. | Austin, TX | LifeNews.com | 11/1/13 – Wendy Davis’s recent entrance into the race for Texas governor has garnered national media attention. A few weeks ago, Democratic political consultant Jason Stanford authored a Politico op-ed claiming that Davis’s position on abortion will actually help her during her upcoming campaign. His primary argument involves polling data that purportedly shows significant percentages of moderates, suburbanites, and soft Republicans in Texas think abortion should be a “legal and personal choice.”

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Finally, Honest Words From the Pro-Abortion Society

mbw_abortionFrom RedState.com, By: lineholder, 01/24/13 – I feel like singing the Hallelujah Chorus right now.  No more “safe, legal and rare” canard.  No more lies about how an unborn child is just a “bunch of cells”.  The left is finally coming “out of the closet” on the truth that life begins at conception and abortion is murder.  Or at least, one author on the left is doing so…Salon author Mary Elizabeth Williams who is the author of an article entitled “So what if abortion ends life?”

It’s honest at least.  And that’s a step in the right direction.  Better by far than the constant and repetitive attempts to deceive young females with all the other random dishonest claims that the pro-abortion crowd has used over the years.

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Who hides the secret pain of abortion?

fetal_20_week_fetus_s7aFrom OneNewsNow.com, by Anne Reed – Guest Columnist, 10/19/13 – They are your co-workers, your neighbors, your friends and your fellow church members. Outwardly they look like anyone else, but inside they hide a heart-breaking secret.

Since 1973 when the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision set the precedent for legalized abortion, an estimated 55 million abortions have been performed in the U.S. Every single day, more Americans lose their lives by abortion than were lost as a result of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001.

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Stopping a Forced Abortion a Reason to Celebrate This Christmas

From LifeNews.com, by Alan Sears | Washington, DC  | 12/6/12 – judge-fetus

Good news for citizens of Nevada, this Christmas season: compassion is still lawful in your state, and life is still protected, thanks to a decision that has broad implications for you and your religious liberty, for the sanctity of life, and for families nationwide.

Some two decades ago, William and Amy Bauer of Fernley adopted six children from Costa Rica. All of the children were siblings, and all suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome. As a result of that affliction, the second-oldest, Elisa, now 32, is mentally challenged, and has other physical challenges. Because of these issues, she lives in a group home as a ward of the state, although the Bauers remain her legal, loving guardians.

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Mother of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s Aborted Baby to Head Pro-Life Event

Steven Tyler

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 10/17/12 5:11 PM – American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler will not be at the annual benefit dinner for the Life Legal Defense Foundation next month. But his one-time fiancé and mother of his aborted child will.Julia Holcomb will relate the story of how her relationship with the rock star in the late 1970s resulted in an abortion that nearly destroyed both of them.

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Miracle baby given just a 3% chance of survival at birth amazes doctors by heading home six months later

From Mail Online, By Graham Smith, 11  September 2012

A baby who was given just a 3 per cent chance  of survival at birth has beaten the odds  to come home after six months in hospital.

Tiny Jacob Reed has spent every day of his life clinging to survival in  hospital, fighting an ultra-rare condition.

His chances of survival were so slim, that  before he was born doctors told his  mother Pippa Stanley, 26, that she should abort him a dozen  times.

Mini-miracle: Pippa Stanley with her six-month-old son Jacob Reed, who doctors told her when she was pregnant would stand a 3 per cent chance of survival after birth
Mini-miracle: Pippa Stanley with her six-month-old son  Jacob Reed, who doctors told her when she was pregnant would stand a 3 per cent  chance of survival after birth

Pro-Abortion Democrats Scream at 11-Year-Old Pro-Life Girl at Convention

From LifeNews.com, by Bryan Kemper, Charlotte, NC  9/3/12 – I want you to meet my friend and fellow abortion abolitionist, 11-year-old Zoe Griffin. In a world when grown adults ignore, deny or just don’t care about the abortion holocaust that has claimed over 55 Million of Zoe’s generation, she is willing to take a stand no matter what people think. Zoe joined her mother and friends to lay thousands of roses outside the site of the democratic convention and pray for the babies, the politicians and this generation.

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How Will You Answer

From youtube, Published on Aug 27, 2012 by  –

On August 28, 2012 the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced the launch of a $150,000 television ad campaign across Missouri highlighting President Obama’s extreme record on abortion and featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden.  Missouri has recently been at the center of the conversation on abortion.

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