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Texas 82nd legislative session begins

With all of the fanfare expected for Texas legislative representatives and senators, the 82nd biennial session came to order Tuesday at noon. The Texas Constitution requires them to meet on the second Tuesday in January in odd-numbered years for 140 business days. Members of the Texas Legislature are paid $600 a month taxable stipend for their service, and the ethics laws make gifts to them while in session almost impossible.

On the first day of the session, the halls are filled with citizens and officials from across the state who have interests of concern in the Legislature. Wise County Judge Bill McElhaney and Wise County Commissioner Kevin Burns were present, advocating for the county.

Phil King

District 61 Rep. Phil King welcomed constituents into his offices, together with his competent and helpful staff. District 30 Sen. Craig Estes delayed his morning staff meeting to invite me into his office for a visit. It was a day when many citizens and political friends crossed paths in a spirit of passion and unity for the work of our great state of Texas. The comforting thing was to see the engraving in the woodwork above the Speaker’s podium, boldly proclaiming, “In God We Trust.” Continue reading →

“We Heard You At the Ballot Box” ….so says our Texas Legislators

Dawn King


Opening Session of the 82nd Texas Legislature

Dawn King

January 11, 2011 was opening day of the 82nd Texas Legislature. Tea Partiers statewide gathered in Austin to watch and rally on this historic day.

In recent weeks, Tea Parties across the state met with their state representatives to discuss legislative issues and the Speaker race. During those discussions, we were continually told “we heard you at the ballot box.”

Yet, during the speaker race, 80%+ of Republican Legislators pledged alliances to and voted for moderate Joe Straus over conservative Ken Paxton. Straus received a 52% conservative rating while Paxton received a 91% conservative rating (Heritage Alliance rating)

If our Legislators heard us at the ballot box, what was it they heard? Continue reading →