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The Road Back

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Posted by Concerned Citizen on March 3rd, 2010

Yesterday we had our state Primary Elections here in Texas.  As I server as an election judge for my precinct, I am very involved in the political process in my county.  I will also be serving as a county and possible state delegate to our conventions this year and my wife is serving as the alternates.  This primary elections was a mile stone for me,  because it was this very primary of four years ago that encouraged me to create this very site.

During that primary, I learned what involvement in the political process meant and exactly what was at stake from a very personal point of view.  There was quite a bit of contention in the ‘O6 primary for our local government, so much so that it caused a schism between two major Republican women’s groups here in the county.  The race got pretty ugly at times and was very close indeed, yet it did turn out a lot of voters.  This year’s race was not so contentious, but none less critical for the issues that Texas faces.  I was very pleased yesterday to learn that we voted more than double the numbers that we did in this primary four years earlier.  Last night, sitting at one of the results parties and sipping on a Michelob Ultra, I was trying to figure out what was so different in this election versus the previous one.  Were the issues that different?  Not really.  Was there more contention between certain candidates this time?  No, actually I think there was less, or if it was the same it was more civil at least.  So, what had changed to bring over fifteen thousand people to the polls yesterday, when not even seven thousand had come before?

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Colleague praises Renfro’s abilities

by Joey Howington


I have never met Mr. Wallis so I can’t speak to his character and or ability.  However, I have known Dusty Renfro for many years and did have the privilege of working with him at NAI Huff Partners.  He’s a special person.

Working at Huff Partners I realized how talented he is.  Many people in the brokerage / development business consider him to be one of the brightest young minds in N. Texas.  He’s the kind of guy you go to when you hit a dead end…  I personally saw him achieve high levels of success in the brokerage business while building a development company from scratch.  He feels like there’s nothing he can’t accomplish and the people who have been around him feel the same way.  I guess you don’t get his resume’ with any other mind set.

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County Judge summarizes accomplishments and looks forward to 2010

To Parker County Citizens:
It is with great excitement and anticipation that I look forward to beginning 2010. I have been honored to serve as your County Judge for eleven years. As I enter the final year of my term, it is also the beginning of campaign season. The Republican Primary is March 2, 2010.
During my service as judge, Parker County has experienced explosive growth. The single most important issue facing the county has been transportation. In early 2008, we employed the services of an engineering firm to develop a transportation plan. By August of that year, after meeting for many hours with citizens, school districts and cities, the plan was a reality. In November 2008, the voters overwhelmingly approved the bond election.

Dusty Renfro running for Commissioner, Precinct 4

Dusty Renfro joins the race for County Commissioner, Precinct 4.  “I know I have no right to complain about the problems if I’m not willing to step up and get involved.  Recently, I’ve noticed many things that need fixing. I had to stand up and pay attention to what is going on,” Renfro said.

You can learn more about Dusty’s background and qualifications by clicking here.

Learn more about Dusty’s candidacy by reading the Weatherford Telegram’s December 16th article:

Former Longhorn player runs for commissioner by Brent Shirley.