POWERFUL Meme Brilliantly Blows The Climate Change Scam to Bits

The Federalist Papers Project, July 19, 2017 By


Groups promoting “green energy” and abandoning fossil fuel extraction have a big friend in Russia and George Soros.

Despite what you might be told by the mainstream media, Russia is not that particularly interested in Donald Trump’s agenda.

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The Armed Citizen

NRA.org, 07/10/17 –


A Good Samaritan saved the day by pulling a gun on a would-be robber near Memphis, Tenn. A parking attendant had tried to do a good deed by walking a woman to her car. As they neared her vehicle, an armed assailant attacked the attendant and pushed him to the ground. As the bad guy began to rummage through the attendant’s pockets, an armed citizen saw what was happening. The passerby pulled his gun and told the assailant to freeze. The hooligan said he was unarmed, then jumped into a waiting van to flee. The attendant suffered minor injuries but was said to be fine. (fox13memphis.com, Memphis, TN, 4/21/17)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives, July 1962
A man entered a liquor store in Los Angeles, ran behind the counter waving a 20” butcher knife and demanded that the clerk, Nathan Dorman, give him money. Dorman reached under the counter for a .45 and fired six shots at point-blank range, killing his assailant. (Los Angeles Examiner, Los Angeles, CA)

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Mission volunteers provide hope for local homeowners

Mineral Wells Index –
Jul 6, 2017 Updated 6 hrs ago

It has been a long, long time since Sandra Caldwell’s dream home has seen a coat of paint. Neither she nor her husband have been able to keep up with their aging home.

That changed this week, thanks to the Mineral Wells Summer Mission project working on Caldwell’s home and three others in the Pasadena Heights area.

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Governor Abbott Applauds Sen. Larry Taylor, Rep. Phil King’s Intention To Author School Finance Reform Legislation

June 30, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release |

In the upcoming special legislative session, Sen. Larry Taylor and Rep. Phil King will author legislation to create a school finance commission. This issue was one of the 20 items Governor Abbott previously announced will be added to the special session agenda. Governor Abbott thanked Sen. Taylor and Rep. King for authoring legislation that will be begin to overhaul our outdated school finance system.

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GOP Senator Proposes Transferring Sanctuary Cities’ Federal Funds to Border Wall Budget

Sen. Luther Strange, R-Ala., says security should be the first priority in the immigration process. (Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Newscom)

One Republican senator is proposing a new solution for sanctuary cities that do not follow  U.S. immigration law: Take some of their federal funding and transfer it to a budget for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

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Multistate Outbreaks of Human Salmonella Infections Linked to Live Poultry in Backyard Flocks, 2017

CDC, June 1, 2017 –


Outbreak Advisory

  • CDC, many state departments of health and agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service are investigating eight multistate outbreaks of human Salmonella infections linked to contact with live poultry in backyard flocks.
    • These outbreaks are caused by several kinds of Salmonella bacteria: Salmonella Braenderup, Salmonella Enteritidis, Salmonella Hadar, Salmonella I 4,[5],12:i-, Salmonella Indiana, Salmonella Infantis, Salmonella Mbandaka, and Salmonella Typhimurium.

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Energy News Study Finds Fracking Doesn’t Harm Drinking Water in Texas

The Daily Signal, by Fred Lucas, 06/19/2017 –


A cluster of well pad sites includes an active drilling rig in the Eagle Ford shale oil play near Kenedy, Texas. (Photo: William Luther/ZumaPress/Newscom)

Hydraulic fracturing hasn’t contaminated groundwater in Texas, isn’t an earthquake hazard, and has been a boon for the state’s economy, according to a study released Monday.

The new study’s conclusions on drinking water are in line with multiple other studies of hydraulic fracturing, popularly known as fracking.

Hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling into rock and injecting a high-pressure mixture of water, sand, and chemicals to obtain shale gas and oil, which is produced from fractured rock. Some environmentalists argue that it can harm water supplies.

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After Transgender Sensitivity Training Becomes Mandatory in the Army, Delta Force Operator Issues Reality Check

All soldiers in the U.S. Army are now required to take a 50-minute course on transgender sensitivity training.

Independent Journal Review wanted to know what veterans who have trained thousands of soldiers to fight in combat think about the news.

We spoke with U.S. Army Master Sergeant (Ret.) and Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock.

Dale Comstock

Comstock has seen more war than the average American can wrap their head around. In fact, he’s served in every major campaign from Grenada in 1983 to present day conflicts.

Comstock said:

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Herring captures gold at National Senior Games

Herring captures gold at National Senior Games

Marvin Herring, 79, has been running his whole life and has no plans of slowing down.

Herring competed in the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama, June 8-10 and captured the gold medal in the 800-meters in the 80-84 age group.

Herring’s time of 3:22.10 is currently the best in the nation and the third highest in the history of the Senior Games that goes back to 1987.

Herring competed in the heat and humidity of Alabama and attributes his training to his success in the preliminaries and the finals.

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School: You may not recite prayer in the name of Jesus Christ

Moriah Bridges wanted to thank God for His immeasurable blessings on Beaver High School’s graduating class. But she could not, because it was against the law.

The Pennsylvania teenager wanted to offer thanksgiving to the Almighty for parents and coaches and teachers. But again, she could not, because it was against the law.

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