Constitution 101: The Judiciary and Judicial Review

The Tenth Amendment Center, February 16,2018

supreme-court-1200[1].jpgThe federal judiciary has arguably become the most powerful branch of the general government. Opinions issued by nine politically connected lawyers have redefined marriage throughout the entire United States, authorized the internment of American citizens and dictated what kinds of decorations cities can display in their parks.

Federal courts were never intended to wield this kind of power and control. In Federalist #78, Alexander Hamilton argued that judiciary would operate as the weakest branch of the federal government.

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Scandal, Corruption, Lawbreaking — And So What?

National Review, by Victor Davis Hanson February 13, 2018 4:00 AM

obama-hillaryt .jpg

What is the endgame to never-ending wrongdoing?

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Frederick Douglass Remains Relevant Today, Says Author

The Daily Signal, Kyle Perisic /

Frederick Douglass was an advocate for individualism, the right to bear arms, and economic freedom. (Photo: Glasshouse Images/Newscom)

It’s been more than 120 years since his death, but abolitionist and social reformer Frederick Douglass is still relevant to this day, experts say.

“One reason Douglass is relevant today is because he teaches us what classical liberalism has to offer to racial minorities,” said Timothy Sandefur, author of “Frederick Douglass: Self-Made Man.”

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Beware: the United Nations is taking aim at ammo

From, By Theodore R. Bromund, January 30,2018


The United Nations will have a busy year in 2018 on the firearms front. That’s not good news for anyone in the U.S. who buys firearms. When it comes to the U.N. and guns, the best form of action is always inaction.

Worse, manufacturers and importers at this year’s SHOT Show — the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show, organized by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms industry, which ran from Jan. 23 to 26 — believe they’re starting to see the results of past U.N. anti-gun efforts.

Bottom line:  there are more problems for U.S. gun importers, while China gets a free pass on a critical issue.

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Alexander Borrego: An Armed Citizen Protects His Family, by Clay Turner – Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Houston, Texas
Nov. 28, 2017

Late on the night of Nov. 27, I ran across the story of a Marine who was attacked by four armed men in the driveway of his Houston home. His wife and 3-year-old daughter had just gone back into the house. With a gun to the back of his head, he somehow managed to pull his legally owned firearm and fire, driving the assailants away and escaping harm. Continue reading →

IG poised to reignite war over FBI’s Clinton case

Provided by The Hill, By Morgan Chalfant – 02/06/18Horowitz.jpg
Few people have heard of Michael Horowitz, but that’s about to change.
Horowitz, the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general, is an increasingly critical player in the controversy surrounding the FBI, President Trump and the Russia investigation.

With little fanfare, he has been conducting a sprawling probe of the FBI’s handling of the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. His full report, which could set off shockwaves, is expected by the early spring.

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PRESS RELEASE – Senator Craig Estes

Estes Press Release Heading

Contact: Pete Winckler


Estes & Colleagues Set to Review Free Speech, Taxes & Regulatory Barriers

Committees will examine Free Speech on College Campuses, tax transparency; identify red tape stymying business

Austin, January 31 – The Senate State Affair Committee which includes Senator Craig Estes meets today at Texas State University to hear invited and public testimony to determine whether there are any restrictions on Freedom of Speech rights that Texas students face in expressing their views on campus along with freedoms of the press, religion, and assembly. “We must protect First Amendment rights and enhance the free speech environment on campus including conservative speakers even if some disagree,” said Estes.

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Idaho Will Allow Companies to Offer Insurance Policies that Do Not Comply With Obamacare


obamacare-train-ad.pngBOISE, Idaho (Jan. 29, 2018) – New insurance regulations in Idaho will allow health insurance companies to offer less costly plans that do not comply with all of the Obamacare mandates and requirements, taking a big step toward nullifying the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act in the state.

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Chicago Anti-Second Amendment Politician Victim of Armed Robbery

Ammoland Inc. Posted on January 18, 2018 by Dean Weingarten


Aaron Goldstein, above, is an ambitious Chicago politician and Progressive lawyer.
He was campaigning in his ward in Chicago when he and his crew were robbed at gunpoint by three young men. The robbery took place on Thursday afternoon, 11 January, 2018.

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Aledo ISD evaluating failed bond election

See ‘Aledo ISD evaluating failed bond election’ below

This is in no way a criticism of Michael Baselice. He did precisely what he was hired to do, and that is to show the Aledo ISD School Board why their November bond election was resoundingly defeated. I believe they already knew why it failed.

After reading this article, I have some questions:

Why was this survey conducted after the bond election and not before – If you do not want the truth don’t ask the question!

Lack of information and transparency – What reason could there possibly be?

I can think of only one reason for a lack of information and transparency; the intent to deceive! I suspect there was reason to believe that the bond proposals would fail if ALL pertinent information was made available to tax payers!

Property taxes – What percentage of those who voted for this bond proposal pay property taxes, and what percentage does not?

Lenny Leatherman


A survey commissioned by the Aledo Independent School District to examine the failure of its Nov. 2017 bond election revealed voters did not approve of the bond package based on concerns about the district’s debt, the impact on property taxes and a lack of information and transparency.

Michael Baselice, President & CEO of Baselice Associates, a public opinion research firm, presented the board with the results of the survey via conference call during a Thursday meeting.

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