Lifting minimum wage would harm lowest-skill labor in Texas

TPPF, Ginn, Raia: 07/19/2018 –


This commentary was originally featured in The Houston Chronicle on July 23, 2017

This year appeared to be a dream come true for the group “Fight for $15,” as the 85th Texas Legislature heard nine bills that would have raised the state’s legal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. The increases ranged from to $10.10 per hour by the year 2022 to $15 per hour this year.

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To Promote Gun Control, the UN Changes the Rules

The Daily Signal, Ted Bromund / /


In the last two weeks of June, the United Nations held another review conference on its efforts to counter what it considers illicit dealing in small arms. The U.S. played the game well. But unfortunately, you can’t beat a cheater.

In theory, this U.N. program might be a modestly useful way to promote cooperation against the illicit international trade in small arms.

In practice, as even the world body has agreed, it does nothing very useful, mostly because most nations at the U.N. are too incompetent, or too ill-willed, to follow through on their commitments.

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Concealed Carry In Your Car

Concealed Carry In Your Car

So you have worked out a method of carrying your defensive handgun that conceals well for you and allows you to make a quick-draw response should trouble raise its angry head. My guess would be that, for most of you, this involves wearing the handgun somewhere near your waistline. Hip holster, inside the waistband, pocket holster—the method doesn’t really matter as long as it works for you. But now I am going to throw a monkey wrench into the whole defensive equation.

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Q&A: The Politically Incorrect Book That Debunks Climate Change Myths

The Daily Signal, Robert Bluey, 03/06/2018 –

Al Gore, former vice president, is among the radical left-wing environmentalist who author Marc Morano debunks in his book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.” (Photo: Van Tine Dennis/Sipa USA/Newscom)

Marc Morano, founding editor of the award-winning website, recently authored “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.” He spoke to Daily Signal Editor-in-Chief Rob Bluey about climate change myths and other facts you probably haven’t heard reported by the media. An edited transcript of their interview is below. You can also listen to it on The Daily Signal podcast.

Rob Bluey: What prompted your interest in the issue of climate change? There’s a great photo of you in the book next to a wanted poster. How did you become such a villain to the left?

Marc Morano: I always said I was a Republican, except when it came to environmental issues. I remember not liking James Watt, the former interior secretary. I remember not liking President Ronald Reagan’s environmental policies. I always wanted to be a forest ranger as a kid growing up. I got heavily involved emotionally in watching all the documentaries about the Amazon rainforest back in the 1980s and 1990s.

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… initial read on Governor Abbott’s May 30, 2018 School and Firearm Safety Action Plan:

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Fellow Patriots,

We’ve spoken with several conservative legislators the last couple of days.  We are incensed that NONE of the independent gun rights groups were invited to the Abbott table and that our conservative legislators were shut out of the conversation too. When gun control advocates leave the Governor’s meeting high-fiving each other, you know there’s a reason for concern.

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House Democrats: Abbott Backs Our Gun Confiscation Bill

House Democrats: Abbott Backs Our Gun Confiscation Bill

Texas House Democrats are claiming that Gov. Abbott is backing a radical gun control bill they supported in 2017.

At a press conference in Dallas on Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott outlined several proposals for new gun safety measures in the wake of the Santa Fe shooting earlier this month.

Included in his proposals, Abbott asked the legislature to study during the interim a bill to create “mental health protective orders,” that would “keep guns out of the hands of those mentally unfit to bear arms, but only after legal due process is allowed to ensure Second Amendment rights are not violated.”

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The U.S.–North Korean Summit: Opportunities and Dangers When Sailing in Uncharted Waters

 May 22, 2018 26 min read Download Report


By criticizing the weaknesses of all preceding nuclear agreements with Iran and North Korea, President Trump may have painted himself into a diplomatic corner by limiting diplomatic flexibility. Any agreement that the Trump Administration reaches with Pyongyang must be better than the Iran nuclear agreement, previous international denuclearization accords with North Korea, and U.N. resolutions imposing punitive measures on North Korea. It must also achieve a verification regime that is equal to or greater than those in arms control treaties with the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, e.g., include such measures as full declaration of all overt and covert sites (production, testing, and storage), the nuclear weapons arsenal, and stockpile of fissile materials and short-notice inspections of non-declared facilities.

The Armed Citizen

by NRA Staff – Friday, June 1, 2018


When a Clear Brook, Va., resident saw an intruder’s hands reaching through his bedroom window, he fired his 12-ga. shotgun, killing the interloper. Deputies found the suspect dead in the yard after they responded to a 9-1-1 call when the homeowner reported the shooting. (The Winchester Star, Winchester, VA, 3/5/18)
The Armed Citizen® Extra
One Friday morning, an ex-convict attempted to pry open the front door of a home using a crowbar and hammer. The 70-year-old homeowner and his wife awoke to the noise, upon which the homeowner retrieved his handgun and went to investigate the commotion. He confronted the intruder, who surrendered, while the homeowner’s wife called police. The husband held the man at gunpoint until authorities arrived and arrested him. (The Press-Enterprise, Jurupa Valley, CA, 12/12/17)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives
June 1959
After a series of break-ins of his gas station near Mooresville, N.C., Roy Bumgardner was sleeping in the place when two intruders removed an air conditioning unit to gain entrance. The station operator fired his cal. .38 revolver at the burglars, dropping one at the scene, the other fleeing with a leg wound only to be captured later by police. (The Charlotte Observer, Mooresville, NC)

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6 More Judicial Nominees Advance in Trump Bid to Reshape Judiciary


President Donald Trump is completing a strong week, and is set to kick off a strong next week, in his push to reshape the federal courts, with Senate Republicans forcing votes on six more of his judicial nominees.

Despite the Democratic minority in the Senate using procedures to delay many confirmation votes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, have prioritized pushing through appeals court judges, and 2017 was a record year for confirmations.

“This week, the Senate will consider another slate of extremely well-qualified nominees for seats on the federal bench,” McConnell said in a statement Monday. “A thoughtful, independent, and expert judiciary is a cornerstone of our constitutional order. It’s been the case since the very beginning.”

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Who has earned your vote?

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