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What Phil Believes about Government

“What I believe about government and elected office:

Don’t let government compete with business. Government must never provide goods and services that are available from the private sector. Don’t spend what you don’t have. Problems created by over spending and debt won’t be solved by more spending and more debt. Trust people over big government. Make local control and limited government the first resort not the last. Keep taxes as low as possible and the tax system as simple as possible. Excessive regulation smothers life and commerce. Whatever regulation government maintains must be predictable and navigable. Make courts accessible but don’t let them become profit centers or law makers. Have the moral courage to do the right thing. Integrity above all. ”

This is a place where you can communicate with Parker County’s State Representative Phil King.  Do you have a question or a concern?  Ask Phil!

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  1. Lenny Leatherman | Reply

    Thank you Phil, for the leadership you provide in Austin, and for being such an effective voice for the folks back here in Parker County.

    I have three questions for you:

    1. Are steps being taken now that should increase the slim Republican majority in the House of Representatives during the next session?

    2. Is there any possibility the House will elect a Speaker who is as strong and effective as your former Speaker, Tom Craddock?

    3. On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think the chances are of passing a sensible and effective voter ID bill, that requires a picture ID, during the next session?


    1. Let me take these in order:
      1) Yes, the majority is slim, just one vote. And that’s a treacherous place to be with redistricting right around the corner. In redistricting, after each decennial census, the TX House, Senate and Congressional district lines are redrawn. This is required by the TX and US constitutions. The Dem’s controlled that process from the 1870’s until 2003 when Republicans finally took a majority in the legislature. Whoever has the majority controls the map drawing process. The Dem’s had kept Rep’s packed into a limited number of districts to keep our numbers low for decades. If they get the majority they will undoubtedly do that again. Seeing the Dem’s in charge could mean as many as 15 new democrat seats in Congress from TX alone to help the Obama agenda. We cannot let that happen.
      In trying to pick up seats, we have formed a TX chapter of GOPAC which was the national organization that Newt Gingrich led. It was a key factor in the Republican congressional sweep in 1994. I am chairing the TX chapter and we have 58 other TX legislators who have signed on as executive or advisory board members. That’s unprecedented. Our objective is to recruit, train and help finance Repub candidates to the TX House and Senate.
      2) I think the current Speaker will hold the gavel for a number of years.
      3) If we can pick up a even just a few Republican seats we can pass a good bill. Right now, we have some R’s who were not supportive of our efforts. It is absolutely inconceivable to me why someone would oppose requiring a photo ID to vote. You can’t even rent a movie without an ID.

      1. Phil,

        1st question: How do you think we as Americans digressed to a point where so many expect something they did not earn from someone they do not know?

        2nd question: How do we go about reversing the socialist mind-set that permeates so much of our culture today?

        1st question: How do you think we as Americans digressed to a point where so many expect something they did not earn from someone they do not know? 2nd question: How do we go about reversing the socialist mind-set that permeates so much of our culture today?

        Wow, these questions require more than a “blog” answer. You can trace the roots back to the New Deal, through the Great Society, the breakdown of the family, departure from faith in God, and on and on. BUT we can and will turn things around. I have absolutely no doubt about this. By the way, there is a great book, The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes, that’s been out about a year. It’s a study of the causes of the Great Depression and the response by Hoover and Roosevelt that made things so much worse. What is fascinating is the examination of the advisors that Roosevelt relied upon. It’s the same philosophical crowd with Obama but worse. Fascinating read. Thanks, Phil

      2. GOPAC ?? NEWT GINGRICH ??………..the globalist, one-worlder shill, cheerleader for Nafta, GATT, WTO< ad nauseum

        Is that how you define " Republicans" these days, after a Qusiling neocon RINO like Gingrich? What big government programms did he work to undo? He and fellow shill Phil Gramm worked as hard as they could to undo Glass-Stegall, and succeeded – and its really worked out well for the bankster-gangster cartel hasnt it, but not for the average citizen

        You, PUBLIC SERVANT KING, might consider putiing principle ahead of party, Anyone who truly values individual liberty doesnt find such in the "2party-1party" system we now have.

        Vote the CONSTITUTION & Bill of Rights………….err on thhe side of personal freedom, Disavow alignments like GOPAC and other globalist shill organizations

        "We do not have two political parties in this country, America. We have one party;
        called the Big Government Party.
        The Republican wing likes deficits, war, and assaults on civil liberties.
        The Democratic wing likes wealth transfer, taxes, and assaults on commercial liberties.
        Both parties like power; and neither is interested in your freedoms."
        Judge Andrew Napolitano – November 16, 2009

      3. I am a citizen of Parker County and register Republican. I am against the opt out option of organ donation by the representative from Dallas County. Is there any chance it will pass and what are you doing to stop it.
        Thank you,
        Steve Vett

  2. Phil, I know you are trying to help more conservatives get elected around the state. Where do we hope to knock off some vulnerable liberals?

  3. If you look at the ORVS rankings (optimal republican voting strength) we have at least ten democrats in republican state House seats. They are spread across the state in both rural and urban areas. We lost several republicans in the Obama sweep. Please see my answer to the previous writer about our recapture efforts. I think we have a great opportunity before us!

  4. If we don’t fund transportation during the good times, and (properly) keep a tight rein in the bad times, exactly when will we have appropriate funding?

    The downside to that is it means giving the money over to the miserable TXDOT, but that would be an entirely different discussion subject.

    1. I’m not sure whether to be honored or bummed that I am the sole questioner who has been completely ignored.

  5. Phil:

    What is your position on Judge Riley not flying flag at half mass for Senator Kennedy?

    Also did you feel that the students of Parker County needed to listen to the messaage from the President?
    He is not my favoritte person but I feel the American students should feel honored that he took time to speak to them.

    Thank you

    1. Bobby’s 1st question: What is your position on Judge Riley not flying flag at half mass for Senator Kennedy?

      Answer: “I don’t have a strong feeling either way but we didn’t lower flag for the last non-Texas US Senator who died in office. I was rarely, if ever, in agreement with Sen. Kennedy so my comments are probably biased in that regard.”

      Bobby’s 2nd question: Also did you feel that the students of Parker County needed to listen to the message from the President? He is not my favoritte person but I feel the American students should feel honored that he took time to speak to them.

      Answer: “I don’t think there would have been a controversy IF the president had simply released his speech when the public’s concerns first arose. Instead the administration held the content private until just a few days before the broadcast. That suggests they were either rewriting the speech or ignoring the public’s concerns – either of which is disturbing. The speech content turned out fine, I’m told. However, I was more concerned with the curriculum wherein teachers were encouraged to ask students what they could do to “help the president”. John F Kennedy said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” But here, President Obama ask what you can do to help him?”

  6. Sir.
    Please ensure Chaplain J Atwood or Captain Ian Christiansen receive this request.

    My name is Jack McCallum Jr. I am a Safety Officer at NAS JRB Fort Worth, 817-782-5334 W / 817-782-501-6701 C / 817-441-5758 H.

    I am writing this request out of near desperation concerning people that speed through our residential area. We live at 114 Quail Bluff Lane (McDavid South) Aledo Texas. This residential area is off of Micus road (South) heading (west) up Quail ridge road, (Dead End).

    The primary problem is two very radical street curves within the community that kids and adults alike seem to get a thrill from by speeding around them as fast as they can.
    Our community historically has lost several pets to speeding drivers, but the major concern is, we now have several families with young kids that ride bikes and play outside. There is no need for anyone to speed through our community, there is only one way in and one way out.

    Is it possible for your department to assess the situation from a traffic safety point of view and then recommend speed bumps. Please help us prevent a Child’s death. This is very serious, I have been a safety office for may years with the responsibility of identification of high hazard situations, this gentlemen is a kids death just waiting to happen. No one will win this argument both the driver and child will loose. PLEASE HELP.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time. I stand ready to offer my professional services as a volunteer in any way I can.

    Thank you.
    Jack McCallum, CSHO, CSPM, RPPM, Training director.
    NAS JRB Fort Worth
    817-782-5334 W
    817-501-6701 C
    817-441-5758 H
    114 Quail Bluff Lane Aledo TX 76008

  7. Hmmmmmm, nothing current here. Still in business? or just not an election year?

  8. Phil, What are the chances for a bill that will do away with property taxes in the near future and replace with a sales tax in order to distribute taxes equally among all residents.

  9. Phil, this is your place do you ever answer any questions on this thing? I know your a busy man but maybe you could set aside and hour per month.

    thanks stan

    1. Stan – That’s a great question.

      The property tax model has created a complicated and unfair system that depends on the mechanisms of “robin hood” or recapture to fund schools across our state. This tax system has led to three decades of school finance litigation in which the Supreme Court has repeatedly declared the system unconstitutional and has urged the legislature to “choose a new path” of revenue for public schools. Not to mention, 17 percent of an average home mortgage in Texas is property taxes.

      To address this problem last legislative session I filed HJR 97, which would have constitutionally abolished the maintenance and operation portion of the property tax bill (around 60% of your entire property tax bill). As you know, a tax system based on a sales tax is a much more predictable and equitable tax that captures even the underground and illegal economies of Texas.

      Since 2009 I have co-chaired the Property Tax and School Finance Taskforce for the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute. At our meetings we have been focused on discussing the best way to tackle the complicated issue of property tax reform, and I am still convinced the best way to do it is replace it with a sales tax.

      With that said, myself and many other conservative legislators do plan on filing similar legislation this coming session to scrap the property tax system. We believe this is the only way to get away from the broken system Texas is currently operating under and move to a more fair and equitable system like the sales tax. Transitioning to a sales tax to fund schools requires more conservative republican votes in the legislature than we currently have. Hopefully, we will see a good increase in the November 2 elections.

      1. thanks for answering this question and updating progress , next question. What is planned to address the illegal issue and the current border situation? As a state I believe that we could pay for an upgrade in border protection and fence with what could be saved in services provided to illegals currently in Texas just by sending them home and not leting them back in unless legally. By the way I was not pleased that we allowed instate tuition for illegals, and our public schools are not as safe with the illegal attendance there. There are several teachers that I have talked with (unnamed of course) that say 70% of all their difficulties and discipline problems are created by or promoted by illegals in the school system. What is the game plan ?

  10. Well, back again I guess Phil doesn’t want to give away his strategy. Trying to decide if he has one?

  11. Phil, are you familiar with the study involving the cost to tax payers . according to the published report on state statistics and average cost applied, the cost to the taxpayers for the support of illegal immigration to our state alone is in excess of $4B. this could go a long way in correcting about 20% of our state deficit.


    1. Stan –

      I am familiar with the study. Some numbers I’ve seen indicate that if you include state and local numbers it’s as high as around $8.8 Billion. Just right here in Parker County in 2006 Campbell Health Systems alone provided $3.7 million worth of uncompensated healthcare to illegal immigrants.

      What I say is that none of these atrocious numbers make a difference if we don’t secure the border. How do you do that? Boots on the ground – plain and simple. If the federal government won’t give us troops for the border, then Texas must find a way to increase our law enforcement efforts. It’s just like the BP oil spill was – you can’t fix the coast and clean-up until you stop the flow of oil. It’s the same way with immigration. You can’t fix the residual effects of illegal immigration until you stop the flow at the border.

      Additionally, I plan on supporting an Arizona-style piece of legislation this coming legislative session as well as offering some thoughts of my own. I’m currently working on a piece of legislation that would make crossing the border illegally into Texas a criminal trespass violation under state law.

      I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you.

  12. I know that Straus is unlikely to support or even bring to the floor this issue. Are there proceedures in place to force this issue? I know it sounds like I am anti hispanic, but in reality I am tired of paying for people that break our laws and are rewarded for it. What can be done from a citizen standpoint to further this cause and save legal residents millions of dollars.

  13. I just have one question for Mr. King at this time. Who do you plan to support for the new Speaker of the House? Thank You for your time.

    1. Joan –

      Thank you for your question. As you may already know, I have never and will never support Joe Straus for Speaker of the House. We need a strong conservative leader in that spot. I believe that either Ken Paxton or Warren Chisum wold make a fine Speaker. This Monday the Republican Caucus of the Texas House will meet to discuss the speaker candidates and, it is my hope, vote to get behind and support one candidate. If either Ken or Warren emerge victorious from the Caucus meeting, I will support them on Tuesday for Speaker of the House.


  14. Who do you plan to support for the new Speaker of the House?

  15. Good luck this session getting the peoples work done.

    God Bless!

  16. There are several lobby orgs. that have announced their intent to be present during the current session in Austin. In particular the ones that are publishing an agenda to increase spendiing, education,health care, and some special interest programs. Do you have any comments concerning these efforts? Are there any that you specifically support?

  17. Senator Blutarsky | Reply

    Have you cosponsored the bill that would require any candidate for president or vice president of the United States to show his or her birth certificate to the Texas secretary of state in order to be a valid candidate in the election. House Bill 295 ?

    or H.B. No. 297, effectively outlawing Obamacare ?

    We need LAWS passed, not meaningless “posturing” resolutions !

  18. Phil, seriously, have you read the article about census analysis show in Texas approx. 62% of welfare recips are aliens legal or illegal. wonder what % are illegal?

  19. Senator Blutarsky | Reply

    King – did you vote today to make it a CRIMINAL FELONY OFFENSE to not pay a Toll Road fee ?

  20. Many Parker County residents or upset about the TCEQ regulations concerning maintenance on the OSSF. The maintenance contract mandate is not just Parker County problem, it is a state wide problem crying out for legislative action. No one in Texas want’s a clean, safe and healthy environment any more than I do but how we get there maters. Effective wastewater regulations can be crafted without unreasonable restrictions on the constitutional protections of our citizens.

    At minimum any regulation should be necessary, clear in it’s purpose and honest in it’s enforcement.

    The OSSF mandated maintenance contract is not necessary, clear in it’s purpose or honest

    1.Necessary: Historically we have monitored maintenance on private property where it may pose a threat to public health and safety through administrative inspections.
    A good example would be the automobile. Once a year we have a state certified mechanic inspect our auto to ensure the state that it is being maintained by the owner in a safe operating condition. There is no need to micro manage maintenance when an inspection can tell you what you need to know.

    2.Clear In It’s Purpose. The TCEQ maintenance contract requires the maintenance provider to conduct three inspections a year and send a report to the authority and the owner. What is the purpose? Is it to provide the owner with maintenance or is it to provide the authority inspection reports?

    3.Honest in it’s enforcement. Most local authority’s make it unlawful for the owner of an aerobic septic system to perform any maintenance. (a class C misdemeanor) knowing that the maintenance they mandate him to buy names the party responsible for maintaining the chlorine supply. Maintaining the chlorine supply to the OSSF is the most frequent and critical maintenance issue to be performed.

    If the purpose of the contract is the inspection reports? Why would TCEQ allow the inspection to be performed by the maintenance provider?

    30 TAC 285 – A defines the maintenance provider as (37) Maintenance provider–An individual who maintains on-site sewage facilities for compensation. Through August 31, 2009, a maintenance company is a person or business that maintains on-site sewage facilities for compensation.

    In order for the contract provisions requiring inspections to comply with 30 TAC 285 the individual performing would need to be a licensed DR.

    TCEQ and many of the local authority’s are too invested in TOWA to ever come up with a workable solution that will truly protect public H&S without undue restrictions on Americas traditional liberties associated with ownership of private property.

    I would suggest you take a hard look at Health and Safety Code 366.032. The more stringent rule provision give local regulators an open invitation to legislate on their own with very little oversight.

    Thank You.

  21. Rep King:

    If the states are to reclaim the intent of the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, I believe the states need to propose through the legislative process the repeal of both the 16th and 17th Amendment. This may very well required a new speaker of the house in Texas given his most recent actions. That issue aside, the removal of the power to tax income would starve the beast in Washington DC, and having Senators answer to the states would prevent many of the un-funded mandates from Washington ever seeing the light of day. Both of the above Amendments were during the Wilson administration, and part of the progressive process to reform the Republic into a technocrat form of government run by administrators (unelected bureaucrats).

    Please make this a legislative issue for the Texas house and openly promote it to the other states.

    Ken Compton
    Weatherford, TX

  22. Phil!
    What can we as tax-payers do to help with eliminating property taxes? We worked hard to save for our house only to find that our property tax bill is still almost 20% of our take home pay a year!!! We either have to find a solution, or move to another county. Please let us know what we can do!

    Penniless Taxpayer

  23. Wendy Wortham | Reply

    How do you file a complaint against Parker county justice of the peace?

  24. Hey phil i used to attend CR meetings at aa church inn springtown. I stopped going when an affair was allowed to carry on. Do you know of any other churches that have CR programs in them in springtown. I have no vehicle and rely on freinds so need 1 close to me as possible. I tried to find 1 myself and could not find 1 other than the 1 i attended. thanks and God bless you.

  25. You Republicans, and Tea Party members need to have a disaster like the town of West, down on I 35. Texas is one of the worst in regulating protections aganst such a disaster. Protecting the Soil, water, and air quality should be an automatic given, for the sake of all of us, here in Texas.

  26. dallas and mikki kimberlin | Reply

    Hello Phillip I met you at a meeting in azle at the high school we were there about the earthquakes in azle and springtown well still no answers and the quakes have moved too Irving still no one is taking blame like the oil and gas company’s my house is falling apart because of those quakes and so far all evidence points to the ground shifting under my trailer because of fracking in our areas now it’s been easy for everyone to stop paying attention to our area well I am keeping it front and center for you please help before my trailer falls into one of many sink holes that has appeared on my property that I pay taxes on please advise thanks hope to hear from you soon
    Dallas and Mikki voters

  27. I live in Gardens of Weatherford it’s 55 and older as I sit outside day and night I see people coming in our community driving like maniacs can I request speed bumps? Alot of us have our grandchildren and it’s dangerous.

  28. Anne Fortenberry | Reply

    I live in Parker County and there have been people shooting on the land that meets my property. Their shotgun spray has come into my backyard a few times. Last month, it hit the tree that is ten feet from my back porch. I called the sheriff department, an officer came out and said there is nothing they can do because the people shooting are on 10+ acres of land and unless they hit my HOUSE, hitting the tree is fine. What happens if it hits ME in my own backyard, or my dogs? I read about the regulation of discharge of a weapon and it seems law enforcement CAN in fact do something if the shot gun spray crosses onto my property. What can we do about this?

  29. Arthur Johnson | Reply

    Honorable Rep. King: I sent you a package showing you that Parker county is not calculating the over 65 ceiling per 11.26.b of chapter 11 tax code. Please help us all over 65 and correct this. Thanks

  30. Janice Coursey Barrow | Reply

    I want to know if voting has been done on taxing nursing homes.

  31. Jimmy Pusateri | Reply

    I have simple question that I am having a hard time finding the answer too: “When is the next meeting of the Board of Directors for the parker county appraisal district?”

  32. I would like to know that also as they are not allowing me or other over 65 in the same circumstances to have the full benefit of a reduction in Taxable value I received as in 11.26.b for over 65 tax ceiling

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