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Commissioner’s Court Has a Deaf Ear to the Voice of the People on Gun Ordinance

By Terry Lehmann – It was a packed courtroom Monday at Parker County Commissioner’s Court.  Every bench was full; people were standing in the back of the room and on the side.  The overflow of people gathered around the door to get a chance to hear what was being said.  The issue was rescinding the gun ordinance put in place a few years ago.

Dusty Renfro brought this issue back to the court after visiting Normandy and realizing the ordinance was another freedom that was fought that was taken away.  The freedom of using one’s property in a safe manner and the right to bear arms, even if only to shoot at targets is not to be taken lightly.  Commissioner Renfro’s concern was the government becoming too involved in our personal lives and not letting personal responsibility guide our actions and our laws.

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Russell appeal continues

Clara and Johnnie Russell won a hearing Thursday necessary to continue their appeal of a $7,200 judgement in Justice of the Peace Court for refusing to take down a Wake Up America sign.

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Christin Coyne (CNHI), January 10, 2012 –

PARKER COUNTY — A small sign posted near the roadway at the end of a cul-de-sac in Remuda Ranch Estates has garnered plenty of attention in national and local media after the homeowners refused to remove the sign and were given a $7,200 fine in a Justice of the Peace decision.

The lawsuit was kept alive Thursday when an appeal regarding a denial of the couple’s affidavit of inability to pay for an appeal was granted in County Court at Law No. 2, allowing Clara and Johnnie Russell to continue fighting the judgement against them.

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Neighbors pitted against neighbors in subdivision fight

This sign in Remuda Estates touched off the latest in a long battle that has pit neighbors against each other in the development.

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Christin Coyne (CNHI), January 9, 2012 –

PARKER COUNTY — Located in far east Parker County off of White Settlement Road, Remuda Ranch Estates is where rural Parker County allows residents to escape the Fort Worth area.

Driving through the sprawling, hilly neighborhood, established around the mid-1970s, it appears quiet and well-kept.

Several of the neighbors waved as they passed each other on the winding roads Thursday afternoon. (Click here to view this complete article.)

GB TV: The Truth Lives Here – HOA Petty Tyrants in Parker County

Question:  Should petty tyrants who cause distress by imposing their will on others using psychological pressure and other forms of intimidation rather than physical force be considered psychological terrorists? 

From the Glenn Beck Show: Trouble in Texas

Some of the residents in the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Association say they are afraid to speak openly about the manner in which some on the HOA board threaten residents and that residents who have expressed opposition to the will of board members have been sued and or had their property vandalized. Continue reading →

Petty Tyrants Posing as Remuda Estates HOA Board Members

Dawn King

Hello Patriots,

Clara Russell was invited to discuss her ordeal with the over reaching Remuda Estates HOA on the Glenn Beck Radio show at 10:30 TODAY.
To catch you up… Clara and Johnnie were sued for having a “Wake Up America” sign posted on a tree on their property. The President of the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Ass. lives across the street… from Clara and didn’t bother to knock on their door to discuss the situation. He went straight to litigation.
During the election he had a HUGE Obama sign posted in his front yard…make the connection yourself.

Homeowners Sued for Political Sign

UPDATE: See The Blaze followup –

Lari  Barager FOX  4 News, November 16, 2011 – PARKER COUNTY, Texas – A political sign associated with conservative talk  show host Glenn Beck has cost a Parker County couple thousands of dollars.

Johnnie and Clara Russell moved from Keller to a home situated on two acres  in the country several years. They were hoping to get relief from the rules of suburban subdivisions. Continue reading →

Liberty and Tyranny cannot coexist

An Ordinance enacted by Commissioners Court has become a controversial issue.  Some agree with the Court’s decision to limit the right of individuals to use firearms on private platted property that is 10 acres or less. Others view the Court’s action as further erosion of individual liberty.

James Madison, in the Federalist Papers, was one of the first to warn that it is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part – Tyranny of the Majority.

We now see a perfect example here in Parker County of what Madison was talking about.

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2nd Amendment – “rights and privileges are opposites”


by Kerri Rehmeyer

There have been several gun law related controversies in Parker County recently to which I propose a simple solution — look to the Constitution and the intent of the founders.

The 2nd Amendment says: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The 2nd amendment enumerates an inherent unalienable RIGHT to protect yourself.  Period.  Inherent meaning it cannot be extracted.  Inherent meaning you were endowed with that right by your creator, not granted that right by any man or piece of paper including the Constitution.  Constitutional scholar, Michael Badnarik, defines “a right as something you can do without asking for permission.  The opposite of a right, therefore, is something you cannot do without asking for permission.  Anytime you need permission to do something it is a privilege.”  This means that “rights and privileges are opposites.”

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