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GB TV: The Truth Lives Here – HOA Petty Tyrants in Parker County

Question:  Should petty tyrants who cause distress by imposing their will on others using psychological pressure and other forms of intimidation rather than physical force be considered psychological terrorists? 

From the Glenn Beck Show: Trouble in Texas

Some of the residents in the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Association say they are afraid to speak openly about the manner in which some on the HOA board threaten residents and that residents who have expressed opposition to the will of board members have been sued and or had their property vandalized. Continue reading →

Petty Tyrants Posing as Remuda Estates HOA Board Members

Dawn King

Hello Patriots,

Clara Russell was invited to discuss her ordeal with the over reaching Remuda Estates HOA on the Glenn Beck Radio show at 10:30 TODAY.
To catch you up… Clara and Johnnie were sued for having a “Wake Up America” sign posted on a tree on their property. The President of the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Ass. lives across the street… from Clara and didn’t bother to knock on their door to discuss the situation. He went straight to litigation.
During the election he had a HUGE Obama sign posted in his front yard…make the connection yourself.

Tea party leader calls for Cain to drop out

Herman Cain

From The Daily Caller, Posted By C.J. Ciaramella, November 10, 2011 –The leader of a tea party group is calling for scandal-embroiled GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain to drop out of the race.

Judson Phillips, the founding leader of Tea Party Nation, said Cain’s flailing response to sexual harassment allegations brought forward by several women was simply unacceptable. Continue reading →

Barbara from Harlem – Patriot Powderkeg** Pomona, NY Oct. 15, 2011


Anti-War Group Code Pink Counts Ron Paul in Their Camp on Israel Aid Opposition

May 13: Rep. Ron Paul gives a speech after announcing his plans to seek the Republican nomination for president in Exeter, N.H., May 8,2011 – Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Add Code Pink and Republican Rep. Ron Paul to that list.

The vehemently anti-war group is organizing a slew of events this weekend in opposition to the United States’ Israel policy, to coincide with the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Ahead of the protests, a Code Pink activist suggested the group — at least when it comes to Israel — is actually on the same page as Paul, a libertarian and one of the first candidates to enter the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

“The Ron Paul people are closer and closer to our talking points with each election,” Code Pink activist Liz Hourican told Continue reading →

Earmarks ~ good idea or bad idea?

The Ron Paul Myth –

Vanity | 9/1/11 | Alan Levy

Posted on Thursday, September 01, 2011 2:44:44 AM by Absolutely Nobama –

One of the lies Ron Paul’s more vocal supporters (his army of cyberstormtroopers) will tell you until they’re blue in the face is that the Shame of Texas has a strict constructionist view of the Constitution. They’ll hiss, scratch, and burn a cross on your blog for daring to point out the obvious. In other words, they’re like Chairman Obama’s Drones, big on fascisti passion, small on critical thinking.

Let’s take a stroll down Memory Hole Lane, shall we ? Here is the text of Ayatollah RuPaul’s interview with Neil Cavuto of FOX News back in 2009: Continue reading →

Texas redistricting map likely to be redrawn to benefit of Dems

Fron The Hill (Ballot Box), By Cameron Joseph – 11/02/11 04:48 PM ET – The Texas congressional map drawn by Republicans is almost certain to be thrown out for the next election, costing them a few seats in the House and increasing Democrats’ opportunities to try to retake control of the chamber next fall.

The map needs to be approved by the federal government because of Texas’s history of racial discrimination, and members of a three-judge federal panel indicated at a Wednesday hearing that they will not allow it to go into effect immediately. Continue reading →


With interim maps being drawn in San Antonio, a D.C. panel asks the importance of a timely decision on pre-clearance issues

From Kronberg’s Quorum Report (Daily Buzz), By John Reynolds, November 2, 2011 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – With their counterparts in San Antonio hard at work this week on interim maps, a three-judge panel in D.C. deciding whether to pre-clear the three statewide electoral maps appears to be taking the foot off the gas pedal. Continue reading →

One on one with Texas Senator Craig Estes

Texas Senator Craig Estes

From ABC Texas Merit Shop Journal • October 2011 –

Senator Estes was first elected to the State Senate in a 2001 Special Election, and then re-elected in 2002, 2004 and 2008. He is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs as well as Vice Chairman on the Senate Natural Resources Committee. Senator Estes also serves as a member of the Senate Finance, Business and Commerce and Veterans Affairs and Military Installations Committees. Continue reading →

Straus Channels Obama: ‘No More Cuts, Hike Revenues’

From, by , October 28, 2011When it comes to confronting Texas’ budget challenges of 2013 and beyond, Republican House Speaker Joe Straus has an answer: no more spending cuts. Instead, Joe Straus wants to look for new revenues. That means digging deeper into your wallet and ruining Texas’ economy.

Winston Churchill once said that to think it is possible to be taxed “into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” Mr. Straus, apparently, would make that bucket heavier by letting government live beyond the taxpayers’ means. Continue reading →