Pat Fallon
State House Rep. Pat Fallon officially announced his candidacy for Texas Senate District 30 Tuesday in an interview with Weatherford Democrat news staff and criticized his opponent, incumbent Craig Estes, as “an absentee landlord.”

“Where have you been? You’ve been an absentee landlord. You’ve been asleep at the switch,” Fallon said of Estes’s 17 years in the Senate. “If you haven’t been around for years and you suddenly start showing up because you’re in a contested primary, people are going to see through it. It’s very transparent. He has squandered his incumbency because he has not been anywhere. At forums, I’m going to look him right in the eye and ask him: ‘Where have you been?’”

During the interview at the Democrat office, Fallon confirmed for the first time that he will challenge Estes in next March’s Republican primary after saying for weeks in appearances during appearances in the senate district, which includes Parker County, that he “probably” will do so.

Messages to Estes requesting comment were not returned by deadline Tuesday.

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