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There’s a Huge Problem With the Core of the Human Genome Project

It starts with the fact that “Human” is not plural.

From Inverse,  By Emma Betuel –


Photo by Ktsdesign/Science Photo Library/ Getty Images.

The Human Genome Project, which began in the 1990s, was Homo sapiens’ successful attempt to map out the entirety of our species’ DNA. It produced the human reference genome, a finely polished collection of human DNA that’s crucial for genetics research and genetics testing services around the world. Integral as it has been to the science community, two researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered that the reference genome is missing a piece or two — well, 296,485,284 base pairs of DNA, to be exact.

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The Keefe Report: Colt Now Shipping AR-15s

American Rifleman, by Mark Keefe, June 26, 2020

The Keefe Report: Colt Now Shipping AR-15s

Last fall, I reported that Colt Mfg. was no longer supplying its LE6920 carbines to the commercial market. There were a lot of reasons for this, mostly that Colt couldn’t compete with lower-priced makers, and the company was pretty busy with government contracts, both foreign and domestic.

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The Deadliest Marksman’s Cold, Brave Stand

Eighty years ago, a freezing Finnish farm boy took aim at the unstoppable Red Army — and became the greatest sharpshooter the world has ever seen.

Narratively Michael Stahl


Photos courtesy of the Finnish Military Archives.

The war was nearly over on March 6, 1940. The enemy, propagandized as an unstoppable fighting machine, was indeed overwhelming the army of the country they’d invaded. Six days later, the aggressors would finally force an armistice, and soon grab control of much of the land they’d coveted. It had taken longer than the two weeks they’d anticipated, but conditions were harsh, the defenders far more resolute than expected. For more than three months, battlefields roared with motoring tanks, gunfire and artillery explosions, obliterating the natural beauty of the countryside. Through it all, one warrior emerged as perhaps the finest killer in military history, on a mission to serve his besieged nation by picking off foreign attackers — many, many of them — one by one with a sniper rifle.

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What the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Says About the Upcoming Election

What the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Says About the Upcoming Election

This map shows the states and counties that had passed some type of Second Amendment sanctuary law or resolution as of March 21, 2020. (Source: Wikipedia)

This map should greatly trouble Joe Biden. It shows the Second Amendment sanctuary movement’s grassroots spread across America. This isn’t an organized uprising; it’s a spontaneous counter-reaction that grew organically in response to the politicians who blame America’s more than 100 million law-abiding gun owners for the actions of criminals.

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When Pastors Fail Their People

Very recently, another two high-profile pastors were exposed for moral failure in their ministries.
I share this essay more as a reminder to myself than anyone else that this could happen to anybody — including me. Whenever I hear a story like this, it scares me as much for myself as it does for anybody else. There have been times and seasons when I, too, have been — or at least felt — on the edge of moral compromise. In my worst moments and seasons, I have had the abrasiveness of Moses, the victim posture of Jonah, the wrongful ambition of Simon the sorcerer, the self-righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, the cowardice of Peter, and the cluelessness of the twelve disciples.

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On Guns, Joe Biden is Full of It

American Rifleman, Monday, March 16, 2020

On Guns, Joe Biden is Full of ItPresumptive Democratic 2020 Presidential Nominee Joe Biden is not one for clarity, tact, or a firm grasp of the facts. However, even an American public that has long been aware of his shortcomings was taken aback this week when the former vice president launched an unhinged attack on a pro-Second Amendment auto worker. Aside from further exposing a waning control of his faculties, the exchange revealed Biden’s deep antipathy towards the Second Amendment, his profound ignorance on the firearms issue, and his willingness to lie for political advantage.

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State Representative Phil King’s COVID-19 Update

King Klan.png
Update from the Texas Workforce Commission

Staggered Access to Unemployment Benefit ServicesOver half a million Texans have filed unemployment claims in the last 18 days as a result of COVID-19. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will soon outpace the total number of claims received in all of 2019.

This unprecedented increase has led to long wait times, overwhelmed call centers and technical issues with the Unemployment Benefit Services portal. TWC staff is working around the clock to expand the capacity to take claims but needs your support. Effective immediately, TWC recommends that Texans stagger their calls and access to the online portal based on applicant’s area codes.

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Henry Golden Boy Texas Tribute: Honoring a Great State

Henry Golden Boy Texas Tribute: Honoring a Great State

“I Wasn’t Born In Texas But I Got Here As Fast As I Could!” is just one of the bumper stickers you’ll see proudly displayed when visiting the Lone Star State. Texas enjoys an impressive history with all kinds of facts and dates worthy of mention in textbooks. However, I prefer to reminisce about our personal history there.

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Yesterday was March 13, 2018, and a little more than 100 years since Dilue Rose Harris in her later years wrote her memoirs in the upstairs bedroom of my home at 100 West Stockbridge in Eagle Lake, Texas. This day goes down in history as the first day of the Runaway Scrape in 1836.

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Science Explains How to Cook Frozen Beef for the Perfect Steak Dinner

Throw it straight on the grill, it’ll be as if you never froze it at all.

At the end of a long, hard day, few things satisfy meat eaters more than a juicy, tender cut of steak — as long as they don’t mess it up during the cooking process.

For many people, having a steak dinner means digging into the back of your freezer, pulling out that slab of meat you’ve been saving, and letting it thaw. But food scientist Guy Crosby, a Harvard professor of food chemistry and science editor for America’s Test Kitchen, says the thawing process may actually lessen the flavor and texture of your rib eye, strip, or t-bone.

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