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City reviews employee election conduct

 by Lenny Leatherman –

Jerry Blaisdell City Manager

Jerry Blaisdell
City Manager

We sincerely appreciate and admire Weatherford City Manager Jerry Blaisdell’s distinguished career in law enforcement; first as a Police Officer in Fort Worth and as Weatherford’s Chief of Police.

With Blaisdell’s reputation as a Peace Officer, I think it is highly unlikely that if he witnessed a crime, or had knowledge that an offense had been committed, that Blaisdell would walk away without taking the appropriate action.

That is why I am confident Mr. Blaisdell will follow the appropriate protocol regarding the alleged offences cited in Christin Coyne’s article below.

This incident has attracted the attention of the Texas Ethics Commission and others.

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Call it the stupidity of Weatherford voters…

Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber

UPDATE: For your convenience,

Weatherford Democrat’s article:

After defeat, Downtown Action Plan being discussed

Many of the statements made in this article are a reflection of my personal opinion, and are not verbatim statements made by anyone. Please read the Weatherford Democrat article and judge for yourself.


by Lenny Leatherman –

Jonathan Gruber has been quoted many times recently as saying, “Call it the stupidity of American voters….”

After reading a Weatherford Democrat article written by Tyler Mask, dated November 25, 2014, it sounds as if Weatherford has some Jonathan Gruber clones!

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Time to eliminate those who have demonstrated an unwillingness to truly respect the taxpayer

How true. A couple of points should be re-emphasized again and again. As various levels of local and regional government start to really feel the pinch a number of actions will be initiated before default. Why? Default would place the government employee’s benefit plans in jeporady. That cannot be tolerated.

So what will happen?

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Will Weatherford Default When the Economy Rolls Over

downtown-2by Senator Blutarsky –

Poor “plan” and poor timing. One has to wonder why the City Council would even consider such a boondoggle.

Charles Hugh Smith has an interesting new column –

Which Cities/States Will Be the First to Default When the Economy Rolls Over? (November 12, 2014)

What happens to local governments when the economy rolls over?

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City Council wants to “invent” their concept of historic downtown

downtownby Carla Hollingsworth Johnson –

Lenny, many kudos for your analysis of that senseless proposal! One comment I’d like to add (that actually came from my mother) is there is nothing “historic” about the plans for downtown. The council doesn’t want to “revive” an historic feel, they want to “invent” their concept of “historic”. For many years, we have had people in city government that have wanted to make Weatherford one of the Texas cities that has successfully brought business back to their square (think Granbury, Denton, McKinney).

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Round 1 goes to the tax payers

Watch for Round 2

Watch for Round 2

by Lenny Leatherman –

Those in city government who propose bond propositions must be held accountable by their superiors – the tax payers!

In the Weatherford Democrat snippet shown at the bottom of this page, councilmember Heidi Wilder is quoted, “This [proposition failure] will affect transportation slightly but we will keep going with our strategic plan, even if there is a slight alteration.” Makes one wonder if transportation is the primary reason for this bond boondoggle!

In her statement Wilder admits that spending in excess of $16 million on their master plan will only “affect transportation slightly” And although the voters disapprove of their plan, they will keep going with their strategic plan, “even if there is a slight alteration.

A slight alteration?

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Voting Against Proposition 1

vote no

Learn more about Proposition 1 by clicking here.

Except for the small number of people who may profit from passage of this proposition, will Weatherford tax payers actually benefit from this ‘grand plan’?

 Will you?


What’s next…a few million into the First Monday money pit?

The City of Weatherford is already $94 million in debt. How could any reasonable person think it is a good idea to take on another $17 million debt to make downtown “more pedestrian friendly”?

Vote No on Proposition 1.

Not comfortable saying yes to a high cost project about which so little is known.

Carter IveyBy Frank Williford –

I have looked at the Weatherford Bond Website and what I see is to me more a dream than reality. All Weatherford citizens would love to avoid some of the traffic tie-ups we experience but we do have some questions. Is the money being spent to improve traffic flow, enhance the esthetic appeal of the downtown area, provide more parking spaces, and/or help mask the decrepit buildings surrounding the downtown area?
Will those property owners who have not yet done anything to improve the appearance of their structures be motivated to do so?

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The cure is worse than the disease

weatherford squareFrom the Weatherford Democrat, by Wm Picou, 10/21/14

The Weatherford City Council, having determined the solution to a drainage problem in the yard is to turn the entire neighbourhood into a swamp, is now urging the citizens of Weatherford to adopt their proposed solution to the courthouse square.

Even a cursory reading of the Weatherford Downtown Plan makes it clear that little to none of what its proponents claim will materialize but will certainly fail to do so at great expense and years of inconvenience.  This plan – poorly received when originally presented nearly a decade ago – will make driving around the square even more of a problem as well as making the streets in the vicinity equally difficult to navigate.  The damage to neighborhoods in the area, both those directly in the path of this “plan” and those adjacent to it, is incalculable but certain to be real, lasting and largely irreparable.

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Weatherford’s bond proposal – good idea or bad idea

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

– General George S. Patton


Parker County Courthouse(09)Weatherford’s conceptual downtown plan

When I consider the wisdom in voting for the bond proposal to spend $16.5 million, my first question is – why?

Haven’t we been told since the Parker County 2008 transportation bond program, that the loop around Weatherford will all but eliminate transportation problems for Weatherford – that the loop would divert through traffic around Weatherford?

Terry Hughes, Weatherford’s Director of Transportation and Public Works wants to “recapture that old, historic feel, and be more pedestrian-friendly”.

Really? .… $16.5 million to make down town Weatherford more pedestrian-friendly?

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