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10 responses

  1. I believe to post on Parker County Blog, a picture of President Obama, whitefaced as a witchdoctor, and racest signs liken to Adolph Hitler, is defaming and definitely liable unto slander of the President. Mis- numbering attendance of people to a protest march,should also be filed as such. I made a copy of such distorations,so you might add this complaint to your blog rules.

  2. parkercountyblog | Reply

    Thank you for your interest in We consider all comments, positive and negative, and strive to improve the blog without limiting each individual’s right to freely express his or her opinion. The photos to which you refer first appeared in most of the major newspapers as part of an effort to “report” the news of the day as demonstrations occurred across the country. While others may or may not agree with your assessment of the issues, they too have a Constitutional right to express their opinion, and Parkercountyblog will fiercely defend that right.

  3. Camille Blackburn, Aledo TX | Reply

    I writing about ENDA. I received an email this morning about losing some of the freedoms we have in religion and speech if ENDA was implemented into law.

    To keep Christians from being fired for their faith …
    To keep Christian businesses from being forced to hire cross-dressers …
    To keep a Christian from being terminated for “anti-gay harassment” simply because he kept a Bible on his desk …
    To keep Christian schools from being forced to employ homosexual teachers …
    To keep our children free to proclaim the values we’ve taught them …

    Would you please let me know what Phil King can do and what I can do to keep ENDA from becoming a law? My greatest concern is the schools being forced to hire Homesexual teachers and those teachers sharing their life style with our children.

  4. Well Cammille, It is obvious your discrimination and bigotry views is something that you either inherited from being raised in such an atmosphere, or you are a Tea Party member, in which their derangement of the Constitution and denial of the right for every American to have “Liberty and Justice for All.” You also need to read the 25th Chapter of Matthew and try to understand the message for caring and ministering to the least of these, that also God gave life to. You, judging others that are in minorities groups, when the Bible says to Judge not, is something I would fear to answer for, on the Judgement Day, before God. You might also pray for Him to remove your homophobia.

  5. Hope you will visit view my Copeland ‘ s Citizens Contract videos on the media page. God bless and spread the site.

  6. The November 7 edition of the Weatherford Democrat featured an article titled “East Loop meeting draws a crowd” by Judy Sheridan.

    The article described proceedings at a Special Commissioners’ Court meeting held on November 5 at Tison Middle School. Parker County’s website reveals the Agenda for this special session only listed “East loop presentation.”
    The article mentioned several incidents when some attendee asked questions and County Judge Mark Riley replied with answers.
    The following last two paragraphs of the article were surprising, puzzling, and disturbing.
    “Riley repeatedly prohibited attorney Debra Rogers from speaking when she asked for more information about how the county is funding its consultants for the project, Freese and Nichols.
    ‘You need to sit down and not disrupt a commissioners’ court meeting.’ he said.”
    Why were some attendees allowed to ask questions?
    Why did Judge Riley reply to some attendees’ questions, but not to attorney Debra Rogers questions?
    Parker County Commissioners should want and allow input and questions from citizens. They certainly need our help and we deserve their respect. They were elected to serve us—not to discourage, disrespect, or ignore us.
    It is time for citizens to reign in Weatherford’s renegade City and County officials who have done what they wanted, when they wanted, where they wanted, and how they wanted for so long that they think they are our rulers. The only reason they have been able to conduct public affairs in this unethical manner is because we have allowed it.

    It’s Saturday, November 8–4 days after the City’s bond proposal failed. To my surprise, I just received a phone call (live person) from Pro Market Research regarding a WISD bond proposal. The caller, a young woman, perhaps a student, asked whether or not I would vote For or Against a WISD $100 MILLION school bond proposal. After telling her that I would vote Against, she asked why. I told her that I had paid school taxes for 50+ years and believed that no one over age 65 should have to pay any school taxes. We have paid our dues. And it seems the schools today are more interested in grandeur than in the students.

  8. I believe attention needs to be paid to the shamefully high salaries paid to some City and County Officials. A list of salaries and benefits needs to be published in Parker County’s 5 newspapers, and not leaving out any holding Offices.
    In taxes that we pay for some Officials to live in lavish lifestyles, need to be known.
    The demographics are changing in this County and Weatherford and surrounding Towns. The Republican majority needs to know that middle income taxpayers are wanting to be represented, and their purpose and lives now want to be moved forward. Their voices and complaints needs to be heard, our one vote for every Parker County voter, needs to be counted. We can start with a non bias voting Leadership, and ending it’s promotion, by the Republican Leadership.
    This machine of Profits above People, is beginning leaking out it’s water. Our County roads being ruined by heavy water trucks, and our State Representative working for Oil and Gas, and doing their bidding, instead of our taxpayer’s needs.
    Ignoring our water needs for the future, will eventually remove many Officials in Weatherford and surrounding towns and local Government. Maybe it took a drought, to wake up the people!

  9. I am well over 65 . I believe in paying any tax that will help our children learn. True our kids are out of school,however we still have grandchildren and great grandchildren to support through school. What kind of an education would we have received if it was not for our grandparents and great grandparents supporting us. Any time you do not support your school system you are hurting your kids and everyone elses .It could be they live somewhere else and I am sure that their are people supporting your grandchildren, like you are supporting someone else’s.

  10. One word: “Methamphetamine”. ….and the effects of the use, production and sales/transportation on this community (and other local communities), as well as the additional dangers it poses to ALL Law Enforcement – it’s simply out of control. About 80% comes into this country across our borders into Texas by way of the Mexican Cartel. Obviously that leaves 20% being produced in this country – and “Methamphetamine” can be made right at home by the user using a relatively new process called “Shake & Bake”. All I can say is ‘watch your ‘kids’ as they hit that age where they’re impressionable and susceptible to peer – pressure and can/will SO easily succumb. Once they’re hooked (after just a few uses), they are HOOKED! And only 5% of users are actually successful at getting ‘clean’ AND ‘staying clean’. Dating: have fun with that, because there are more meth addicts around here than there (seems to be) people seeking ‘good, old-fashioned dating’ – you know, the kind where you actually have dinner together, go see a movie, a walk, talk, etc.One ‘local’ I dated briefly, Brandy Carol McCormick, is one such (local) ‘user’/addict who finally admitted she is a “methamphetamine user”. Through what (limited) level of investigative research I am capable, I did subsequently make contact with a few gentleman who “dated” her, and they confirmed her meth use going back about 10 years. A certain lifestyle just goes hand-and-hand with that kind of drug use and addiction – then comes the very high potential for the spread of communicable diseases, etc. It obviously therefore, then makes very dangerous environments for Law Enforcement who have to cross paths with users and traffickers alike who often carry weapons – and will use them without hesitation. ….as well as a whole host of additional (many), public safety issues that come into play when a “user” thinks (she’s) just having some innocent fun.

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