MEET THE CANDIDATE: Ben Steiner, Candidate for Place 4, Weatherford City Council

Q: What are your top priorities if elected?

A: Property taxes – Property taxes are skyrocketing and out of control. Our state leaders continue to do nothing but pass legislation riddled with loopholes, and our local tax districts take advantage of it every year – ever wonder why residents can vote to create a tax district, but cannot vote to disband it?

The city has raised property taxes seven of the last eight years, resulting in a net increase of 45.23%. The city’s budget has skyrocketed from $43,909,964 in FY2015-16 to $63,789,352 in FY2020-21; an increase of $20M in six years. 

There’s little to no accountability or need for fiscal conservatism when our tax districts are given a blank check every year – paid for by local residents. How many residents can say they’ve enjoyed a 45.23% or greater increase in their salary?

Economic Development – Weatherford is primed for significant growth given the close proximity to the metroplex and the countless companies moving into the area. The city needs to be doing everything in its power to attract businesses, large and small, to our community. The city has already denied or revoted conditional use permits to prospective businesses; something that needs to end immediately. 

Fiscal Accountability – The city continues to spend money on vanity projects that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars, including construction of the Heritage Park south lot (~$1M) in the middle of the COVID epidemic when many households were financially impacted.

I’m not opposed to quality of life projects, but the funding needs to come from additional sales tax revenues or through the many grants available for these projects; not via increases in property taxes.

Term Limits – While I greatly appreciate the service of the many members of our boards, I believe refreshing the boards with new-

Q: Any final thoughts on why residents should vote for you?

A: By checking the box next to my name, you are voting for lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and sensible planning for Weatherford’s social and economic future.

I bring a unique perspective to the city council as I have lived in several different areas across the Midwest and Texas, ranging from small towns to major cities.

My decision-making will be made using facts and figures, not based on feelings. 

Every dollar spent and every decision made will be done so in the best interest of the community. 

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