MEET JENNIFER LOFTIN: Candidate for Aledo ISD Place 2

Family: Married to Trey Loftin. We have four Bearcats on four different AISD campuses: McAnally sixth grade, Aledo Middle School, Don Daniel Ninth Grade Center and Aledo High School. We have lived in Aledo since 2006

 QUESTION: Why are you running for office? I am running for re-election because I believe it is critical to have experienced board members as we come out of a pandemic year where we worked extremely hard to keep our kids in school (unlike Fort Worth, Dallas, and most of the country). Under my leadership we have lowered taxes and passed bonds to remodel outdated campuses and build new elementary schools and soon offer a new middle school.  

Q: What are the top issues facing the district and how do you hope to remedy them? 

A: The top issue facing our district currently is keeping teachers and students in school and moving forward. Dually important is that we are a fast growth district which impacts every aspect of the school district. It is not something we can remedy, but something we must use experience and effort to make wise decisions regarding. We have people moving to Aledo every day and most are moving because they want their children to attend our schools. 

Q: What are your top priorities if elected?

A: My top priority if elected is to continue to work with our community and district to Grow Greatness each and every day. We have been able to celebrate the fact that our kids have been in school this year learning, growing, participating in sports, band, theatre, dance/cheer and other competitions (and even win championships). We worked very hard to make sure that our parents had the option to send their children to school in the midst of the pandemic. Most of the country did not have that option.  Our students have had a great year, and we want to continue to build on our exceptional experiences.

Q: Any final thoughts on why residents should vote for you?

A: Please vote. If you consider my background and the entire job of serving as a trustee I believe you will support my re-election.  My activities serving our community with churches and charities and foundations led me to becoming a trustee — where I now serve as vice president. During my time as trustee, Aledo has become one of the fastest growing districts in Texas, because of the hard work of our teachers, coaches, students and families. We have lowered taxes, grown and built campuses, and won championships — and working together, found a way to keep kids in school. I am very proud of our success and my part in serving this school district. 

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