Do Qualifications Matter

Which Shelley Luther has actually earned your vote?

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famously stupid comment, “… we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it … “?

So…If we want to know what’s hidden in Shelley Luther’s past that qualifies or disqualifies her ….”we’ll have to elect her to find out”.    Déjà vu

Shelley Luther was given a $1million campaign loan to oppose Drew Springer for a Senate Seat. Is that ok as long as we believe her description of herself? We know nothing about her past behavior and her work history? All we know about Luther’s past is what she wants us to believe.  No corroborating documentation is offered.

How simplistic is it to accept a $1million campaign loan and think all that money will have no influence whatsoever on her vote? Is that ok as long as we agree with the outcome?

What will be the cost of the next Texas Senate seat? Will the bidding start at $1million?

For years we have seen good people with honorable intentions allow their emotions to overpower their intellect and involve themselves in futile “anybody but” campaigns that accomplish absolutely nothing.

I am in total agreement with Rush Limbaugh when he says, “It’s not what they say, it’s what they do that matters”. We all know is what Luther ‘says’ but what has she actually ‘done’ that qualifies her to become a Texas State Senator?

Again I ask, If the issue with Drew Springer is big money influence, do we really think the solution is more big money influence?

Or, do qualifications really matter?

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3 responses

  1. Lets get down to Basics here buddy. To start off with the only qualifications other than age and non-felon is US Citizen. I believe all the necessary qualifications have been met by both candidates end of subject. We have his record and his reasoning for votes that he has or hasn’t participated in. We have her claims as to what she will do. That Sir is all you get so make a decision and vote. I see no facts and only insinuations of fault by you Sir.

  2. parkercountyblog

    Aren’t you glad we were blessed to be born in a nation where two honorable men can express opposing points of view, and be civil about it? I think no less or no more of you because our opinions differ. I am a simple man who will choose ‘the devil I know vs the devil I know not’.

    1. I agree, I knew you wouldn’t mind an alternative opinion expressed. I have no beef with your logic. I asked a few questions of both candidates and only received answers from one so I voted for her.

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