Do Qualifications Matter

By Lenny Leatherman

If the issue with Drew Springer is big money influence, where is the wisdom in thinking the solution is big money influence?

Drew Springer has been accused of wrong-doing because he worked for a wealthy lobbying firm. The Springer family business is a financial services business. His customers are successful individuals and businesses. Should we be surprised to learn that some of his customers may have employed lobbyists? I would be surprised if they did not!

I take no position for, nor against Drew Springer.

I have heard suspicion driven charges against him, that he may be one of many who have been influenced by Austin’s big money politics.

An issue that is even more difficult to see beyond is his judgment; judgment that may have fortified the perception of becoming entangled by the influence of lobbyist money while performing official duties.    

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3 responses

  1. Lets get down to Basics here buddy. To start off with the only qualifications other than age and non-felon is US Citizen. I believe all the necessary qualifications have been met by both candidates end of subject. We have his record and his reasoning for votes that he has or hasn’t participated in. We have her claims as to what she will do. That Sir is all you get so make a decision and vote. I see no facts and only insinuations of fault by you Sir.

  2. parkercountyblog

    Aren’t you glad we were blessed to be born in a nation where two honorable men can express opposing points of view, and be civil about it? I think no less or no more of you because our opinions differ. I am a simple man who will choose ‘the devil I know vs the devil I know not’.

    1. I agree, I knew you wouldn’t mind an alternative opinion expressed. I have no beef with your logic. I asked a few questions of both candidates and only received answers from one so I voted for her.

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