My Mind Is Made Up Don’t Confuse Me With Facts

Parker County Blog, Lenny Leatherman, 09/22/20

Isn’t it interesting how both sides in most arguments are equipped with their own set of “facts”?  And, when the argument involves political candidates, arguments are almost always comprised of mostly hearsay. The indisputable fact is – although both sides have their favorite candidate, to vote is nothing more than to express a subjective opinion.

Unless the candidate has a verifiable history of performance in office, neither side can validate their own set of “facts”. That which appeared to be true before the election may prove to be a disappointment to either, or both sides of the argument.

It may be a good idea to remember the reason for the debate, and to remember that neither side can be proven right or wrong until long after the election is over. Hopefully, the election will be over but not your friendship.

2 responses

  1. Elizabeth Falconer

    I liked the old network days when they were obligated to give viewers BOTH sides of a story. It didn’t matter which side you chose, you still had to be exposed to both sides.

  2. I agree completely with this article. As long as you realize my side is right. 🙂

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