Shelley Luther for Texas Senate…really?

The following is from the Dallas Observer

“Barry provided everything for her,” says a family friend, who spoke on condition she wasn’t named.

After her second divorce, she moved in with Tim Georgeff, who performs with her in their band Crush.

According to the ex-couples’ divorce decree, Shelley maintained sole possession of the salon….

More from the Dallas Observer

Even for Shelley Ann Luther, defiant owner of Salon à la Mode and America’s viral “hero” of the anti-lockdown right, it’s not a good look when –

  • Your lucrative crowdsourcing site is billed as a spontaneous, grass-roots response to government overreach, but it was set up before you even flouted government orders to keep your North Dallas salon closed temporarily.
  • You state you’re two months behind on your mortgage, but in the past year took a healthy divorce settlement and bought a luxury SUV to drive to your $500,000, five-acre ranch complete with guest house, five-stall barn and bevy of exotic animals.
  • You cry on the jailhouse steps to Fox News host Sean Hannity while knowing you already collected an $18,000 emergency federal small business assistance loan, you get monthly child support from divorce No. 1 and more than $2,000 a month from divorce No. 2, and have half a million bucks waiting with your name on it in a GoFundMe account.
  • You claim to struggle with “panic” and “feeding my kids,” but recently took a Caribbean cruise in the middle of a global pandemic.

For a more complete review of Luther’s fitness to become a Texas Senator go to Dallas Observer, Richie Whitt, May 25, 2020.

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