Good Steward…Honesty?

By Max Arneson, 02/21/2020   Drikas-1B.jpg

Recently at a Candidate Speaking, each Candidate was asked if he had ever been sued. Mr. Drikas gave a one word answer – NO.

Please examine an entry of interest on the Parker County Court Records Inquiry site and enter Drikas’ name:

Official records show Mr. Drikas lied to approximately 100 attendees with his answer. He lied with no hesitation whatsoever.

As you can see Court Records clearly show Mr. Drikas was sued for non-payment of taxes in the amount of $433.00.
Original Petition – 12/13/2016
Case Dismissed – 02/01/2018

It is difficult for this simple old country boy to understand why he would lie about such a trivial matter as $433.00 in back taxes, and why it took him so long to get the issue resolved.

It certainly brings into question his fitness to exercise stewardship over millions of dollars for a minimum of a four year term in the office of County Commissioner.

I can only speak for myself, but character matters. To lie about an insignificant matter with ease is troubling to me. And…if he can’t manage his own taxes, what sane person would trust millions to someone who could not adequately account for $433.00.

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