Intent to Deceive

Darrell Hull-3-newsblast.jpg


Should the deliberate act of altering a document with the intent to deceive voters be considered unethical behavior?

Should unethical behavior by a person seeking elected office, especially to the office of County Sheriff, be condoned?

Hull Voting Guide-2.jpg

As you can see, the document to the right above was deliberately altered. On a copy of the same document (above left), Sheriff Larry Fowler’s name was removed and replaced by the name Darrell Hull.

The obvious purpose of the altered document was to deceive readers by creating the perception that Darrell Hull is the recommended candidate for Sheriff.

Further examination will show that names for Congress and United State Senate were also changed.

The altered document to the left above, appeared in a Facebook post by Captain Darrell Hull.

By the slightest chance that he should be elected to the office of Parker County Sheriff, how could anyone ever believe Captain Hull would demand ethical behavior from his deputies and staff when it was his own unethical behavior that contributed in a substantial way to his election victory?

“Your standards are not what you say they are, they’re what you tolerate.” – Col. Joe Laremore







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