Do you really know the candidates

by Lenny Leatherman, February 4, 2020 –

Is Matthew Drikas attempting to perpetrate a fraud on Precinct 3 voters?

Drikas-1A.jpgIf accusations of Stolen Valor, and the false claim that he is an active member of the American Legion in Parker County aren’t enough to convince you, please read the following summary of Matthew Drikas’ work history since 2008. Information herein was taken from and other sources shown below:

Triple C Transit, LLC. Total Duration 3 yrs 7 mos
Director of Operations
Dates Employed Oct 2014 – Feb 2018
Employment Duration 3 yrs 5 mos
Location Weatherford, Texas

Operations Manager
Dates Employed Aug 2014 – Oct 2014
Employment Duration 3 mos
Location Weatherford, Texas

Responsible for a 100 unit OTR trucking operation. Ensure schedules are met and service is provided to customers and vendors. Write and implement new company policies, rules and regulations, in line with the values and philosophy of the company.

Budgetary responsibilities for full-time and contract driving force, for operations.
Personnel management including recruiting, hiring, discipline and termination of employees and contractors, when required.
Oversight and budget adherence for long haul logistics for our national operations, in coordination with each line of business.
Fleet management oversight which includes tractors and trailers. Oversight of daily inspections of vehicle and ensure safe, efficient operations.
Oversight of DOT record keeping and compliance. Maintain files for all DOT drivers and ensuring hours of service are within DOT guidelines. Initiating and tracking random drug tests,as required.
Oversight of DOT vehicle inspections and ensuring timely repairs are initiated.
Initiate purchase requisitions for vehicle rentals, contract trailer moves, or other pertinent items. Authorize invoices for services, according to company policy.
Responsible for vehicular accidents including investigation, reporting and recommendations for future operations. Furnish all information needed to the Administrative Division, for timely execution of insurance claims.
Oversee the documentation relating to driver pick-up and deliveries. Ensure adequate record keeping is executed, to provide proof of delivery or other services, as requested.
Responsible to maintain equipment logs, trailer logs and fuel logs. Responsible for vehicle tracking and security of vehicles.

The following are Employee (Owner Operator) Comments attesting to Mr. Drikas’ actual managerial and administrative abilities:

  1. horrible lying company run far far awayowner operator (Former Employee) – Texas – December 30, 2015

This is a lying deceitful company that is looking to cheat you in any way possible. When we signed on with them they promised no escrow paid tolls lumpers no trailer rentals and come settlement time ended up charging me for everything under the Sun that was total bull sh** and never paid me over $10,000 they owe me. they do not return phone calls they stopped payment on settlement they were supposed to deposit into my account. The recruiting team lies about everything just to get you signed on. They double broker and take more of a cut than they are allowed.

  1. Stay Away Horrible Company (Former Employee) – Texas – June 10, 2017

Co keeps your checks, Makes you sit for hours/days/weekend waiting on loads, Company does NOT book loads after 5p or on weekends or any days such as memorial day, fourth of july etc, they strickly work 8a-5p. Work ethic is horrible, you may talk with a dispatcher then 5 minutes later you’ll get a response from another dispatcher only for the first dispatcher to contact you as well and by that time you’ve spoken with 5 dispatchers with No load, no rate, no money and you’re still sitting. Any emails, texts, calls fall on deaf ears. They will not resolve any concerns a driver may have but will be determined to get an answer to their concerns. When it comes to any money that is put in an escrow account for your truck, they act like its their money you’re needing to pull for maintenaince. They will keep you sitting, waiting or book you on a load that you didnt even know you had. They claim to be a No Force Dispatch but they will force loads on you or make you sit. They do not like to hear the words ” I need a load home” whether you’re out for a week or a month. If you want to make money, and having your bills paid, STAY AWAY from Triple C Transit. They will make sure to enrich their own pockets while you’re slaving away driving and never being home.

  1. Unprofessional and unethical work pla Driver (Former Employee) – OTR – June 5, 2018

Stay far away if your a professional driver. They rope you in at 60 cents a mile which turns into only 800 a week check. The average load is 680 miles with lots of detention time( LVD & Offload). One load took 17 hours totaling 3 days because there was no appointment set. All broker loads , no drop and hooks. Dispatchers send you a load and driver has to deal with the broker. No loads after 5 pm central and weekends ,no after hours dispatch. Driver pays for port escorts out of pocket $50.00. They like playing hide and seek stating they never received your scanned signed BOLs , so they prolong your pay check. They charge the driver $300 for a cheap Samsung tablet to run E- logs. You get your next load only when your MT. No trip planning, dispatchers looks at the load boards when your BOL is signed. Dispatchers arrive at work 0830/0900. Some dispatchers work from home with families and the driver becomes secondary. All family members so the driver is always wrong no matter what! Local enterprise car rental place stated triple C looses drivers every week, keeping them busy. Only a few family drivers make money . I drove 7 weeks with no home time. I then turned my truck in . Biggest waste of time and money. All the drivers I met were under 3 months which was unusual. Honest, loyal, respectful, ethical, dependable, these are not words that apply to Triple C. Good luck don’t be a sucker like me.

Quote from Mr. Drikas:

I took my operational knowledge and leadership to the civilian sector where I worked as an Operations and safety executive for medium and large interstate transportation companies. I designed and implemented standard operating procedures and policies used to increase the companies growth, sustainability, and profit.

What growth, what sustainability, what profit…. Triple C Transit, LLC went out of business!

Airborne Investments LLC / Dog Tag Logistics
Vice President Operations
Dates Employed Jan 2011 – 2014
Employment Duration 3 yrs
Location Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Airborne Investments: 1932 Dennis Road, Windom, Texas 76087 (Does not exist, see Airborne Investments-1) Dog Tag Logistics: 372 County Road 3250, Windom, TX 75492 (See Dog Tag Logistics -0 and Dog Tag Logistics-1) In a cow pasture!

Develop and implement the Operational strategy for military freight, commercial fleet, and private vendors.
Lead the operations team including, Truck Managers, Safety Director, Compliance chief, fleet and administrative staff.
Coordinate with the Director of Compliance to maintain safe, clean and sustainable operations throughout North America and maintain accountability for the Operational performance.
Partner closely with other functions to present network strategies to executive management for approval.

Work closely with IT to recommend new and innovative ways of promoting a safe efficient, environmentally friendly fleet.

Enhance operational excellence and talent by recruiting, training, and developing talented leaders for key roles.

Stagecoach Freight Lines LLC Dates Employed 2008 – 2011
Operations Manager
Employment Duration 3 yrs
Location Reno, Nevada Area (Does not exist) See Stagecoach-3, Stagecoach-4 & Stagecoach-5.

Ensure safety policies are being implemented at each branch location.
Identify safety improvements across all company branches.
Implemented policies in dealing with all Logbook issues and doing extensive analysis of resolving various types of Logbook issues on a daily basis with drivers.
Train managers and employees on correct safety procedures directly applicable to their job function.
Manage DOT records and compliance of company drivers explaining Hours of Service to drivers, FMCSA safety rules and regulations, etc.
Interact with insurance agents and worker’s compensation 3rd parties to ensure proper reporting and cost management.
Assist with Human Resource on-boarding and training.
Manage employee training program to ensure safety and compliance are integrated into each phase of employee development.
Manage facility and building maintenance.
Manage the lay-out and storage of products to improve safety and efficiency.


Airborne Investments -1

Airborne Investments-1

Dog Tag Logistics-0

Dog Tag Logistics-0

Dog Tag Logistics-1

Dog Tag Logistics-1








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