The Contrast is Stunning

by Lenny Leatherman, February 3, 2020 –

Sheriff Fowler.jpg


We have Sheriff Larry Fowler, a superbly qualified lawman with a distinguished reputation for Federal, State & Local level service in extremely dangerous and stressful positions who is highly respected at all levels of law enforcement.


The contrast is stunning!

Darrell Hull-1.jpg
Kennedale Police Department
1996–Present (24 years)

In only 24 years he worked his way up to Captain and supervises four Sergeants, one clerk and a dog catcher.

The Sheriff is being challenged by someone who has demonstrated the absence of the slightest bit of motivation to move on from a little police department in a sleepy bedroom community, to pursue challenging assignments with greater responsibility thereby qualifying himself for more important rolls in law enforcement.

It would appear this guy is loyal to no one but himself. He seldom votes (only 5 out of 19 elections). He is not involved in civic activities in Weatherford, Parker County or in Kennedale. He resides in Weatherford but draws a paycheck in Kennedale. Sounds like this guy is tired of the 75 mile daily commute to and from his job in Kennedale!

This should be the easiest choice you will make at the ballot box.

Please consider the following:

Mr. Hull’s Responsibilities –
Kennedale Police Department
Annual Budget: $2.56M
Kennedale Population: 8,543
Patrol Area: 6.6 square miles
Chief: 1
Captain: 1 (Mr. Hull)
Sergeants: 4
Corporals: 4
Police Officers:8
Auto Theft Officer: 1
Evidence/Records Clerk: 1
Animal Control Officer: 1
Part Time Position: 1
Department Total: 22

Sheriff Fowler’s Responsibilities –
Parker County Sheriff’s Department
Annual Budget: $22.46M
Parker County Population – 145,000 (Approx)
Patrol Area: – 903.5 square miles
Number of Divisions: 12
Number of employees – 133

Choose wisely!
It should be as easy as choosing between a BMW and a Kia!

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