First indication that the 86th Legislative Session was an abysmal failure ~

The most effective and most responsive government is the one that is closest to the people.   

by Lenny Leatherman, 05/31/2019

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The first indication that the 86th Legislative Session was an abysmal failure is that the Democrats were pleased with it.

Remember all the excitement in the House and Senate as members squabbled over how to spend every last dime of YOUR money they casually referred to as surplus revenue?

Surplus revenue is your elected officials’ way of defining the $10 BILLION Texans were overcharged! Refund the surplus to its rightful owners…not a chance!

Their ‘feed frenzy’ resembled 181 buzzards circling over the Texas Capital most of which were frantically attempting to pick apart the taxpayers’ carcass!

In the midst of all the darkness, there were a few bright spots… like Bettencourt, Paxton and Hall in the Senate and Stickland in the House.

I sincerely apologize for failing to give positive recognition to members who may have acted in good faith to do the right thing but faced overwhelming resistance by taxpayer funded lobbying or by any of the other dark forces in Austin.

Now that this session has ended, elected representatives will fan out across Texas spreading the good news about how successful the 86th Legislative Session was.

Actually, most of the session was one big ‘shell game’ with our three ‘leaders’ busily shuffling funds around thereby creating the illusion that they were looking out for property taxpayers. When the dust settles, you will clearly see that while they were handing you a quarter, they were reaching in your pocket for a dollar! Your TOTAL tax burden WENT UP, NOT DOWN!

Texans were required to pay $10 Billion in ‘surplus revenue’ last year. What assurance do we have that the same thing will not happen again next year – or the next?

Nothing of any significance will EVER change in Austin until taxpayer funded lobbying is made unconstitutional in Texas!

Most, if not all State Reps and Senators tremble and scatter rather than to oppose taxpayer funded lobbyists. I believe that is why members of the “Freedom Caucus”, (except for Jonathan Stickland), morphed into the “Me Too Carcass” and sucked up to the Speaker in an attempt to secure a ‘place at the table’ only to be completely ignored.

Another factor worth considering (I think the most important) is whether a particular issue should even be considered at the State level. Why was so much time and treasure devoted to debating lemonade stands?

I believe few issues actually require State Government involvement.

If I have a problem in my city with, say – red light cameras, shouldn’t I take that up with my City Council? If City Council is apathetic or unresponsive, like-minded citizens can exercise authority over them at the ballot box!

I often think about a quote by Tip O’Neill, 47th Speaker of the U.S. House who said, “All politics is local”. The most effective and most responsive government is the one that is closest to the people.

Why was there sufficient time to work on lemonade stands and red light cameras but not enough time to fix issues of real significance to ALL Texans like voter integrity, paper backups and taxpayer funded lobbying?

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