Commissioners readying for Clean-Up Day

Weatherford Democrat, by Autumn Owens, March 27, 2019


Parker County Clean-Up Day is from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, and county commissioners discussed the dos and don’ts of the annual event as well as what residents should expect on that day.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Larry Walden and his crew will be set up at 1111 Farm-to-Market Road 1189 in Brock, and broke down what residents can bring and what they can’t bring to the county clean-up.

“We will take items that their garbage service doesn’t take,” Walden said.

“There’s a whole list of things we don’t take, but we want people to clean up their property so that’s the purpose of this and it’s been going on for a long time.”

Walden said items they will take include brush and limbs, tires without the rims, batteries and used motor oil, but it’s important for residents to know what they will not accept.

“Those are going to be the things that the landfill cannot accept. We can’t take any kind of burn barrel or five-gallon drum because a burn barrel could have sparks in it that would set the landfill on fire, and the barrels, nobody knows what’s been in those so we can’t take them,” Walden said. “One that is very frequent is paint cans that have [wet] paint in them and we can’t take those.”

Walden said they also can’t take any type of roofing materials; anything that’s flammable or chemicals or empty chemical containers; cleaners, fertilizers or pesticides; medical or biohazard waste; and household garbage.

“A big one is we can’t take anything from a business or commercial contractor or anything from a non-resident of Parker County. Occasionally we’ll get people that are in business and they’re looking for a cheap way to get rid of stuff and bring it out here, we can’t accept it,” Walden said. “People also want to bring their household garbage here and we are not garbage collectors. We take tires, but we don’t take tires that are on rims because we have to use manpower to take them off. Our tire recycling guy will not take them if they have rims.”

Walden said the used motor oil, tires from individuals and batteries can be accepted yearround.

“All of those things we don’t accept are for safety reasons and/ or the landfill won’t accept them,” Walden said. “There’s no cost, just bring it here. It’s quite amazing to see the amount of stuff that ends up here. We will fill somewhere around 43 of those 30-yard roll-off dumpsters.”

Precinct 2 Commissioner Craig Peacock and his crew will be set up at 3033 FM 1885 in Weatherford, and reiterated what Walden said.

“No chemicals, wet paint, the normal stuff that we haven’t taken,” Peacock said. “We will be here from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

Precinct 1 Commissioner George Conley and his crew will be set up at 3000 Veal Station Road in Springtown and said another thing for residents to keep in mind is the unloading process and traffic.

“Just come out and be prepared to help us unload your stuff. We have a problem with that. A lot of people come and just sit in their vehicles and make us unload all of their stuff, but I’m going going to have a sign out this time that says please help us unload your stuff — it goes by a little quicker if they help,” Conley said. “There have been several fights about who gets in line where and it’s not worth fighting over, just be courteous. We move along pretty fast and get it done, so you’re not going to be in that line very long.”

Conley said additional items that will be accepted on clean-up day are furniture/mattresses, lumber, appliances and metal.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Steve Dugan and his crew will be set up at 1320 Airport Road in Aledo. “We’ve been doing this a long, long time and it’s been a huge success, people really enjoy it. It’s a very busy day. We’ll probably get 35 30-yard roll-offs full of debris and then we’ll have some amount of scrap metals that we can recycle,” Dugan said. “It takes quite a bit of money to put all this together and clean it up afterwards, but the people sure do appreciate it. I think it’s one of the most appreciated events we have.”

Dugan also said there are items that they will take throughout the year, which also includes antifreeze, oil filters and any kind of metal appliances.

The cost of the annual clean-up day is about $256,000 and Walden said he feels a central location, open yearround, would be beneficial for county residents.

“This is a significant cost to the county. If we could have a permanent location where we could do this and offer recycling, it sure would be a good thing,” Walden said. “If we were to take the money we spend on this one day and have a place where people could bring that stuff year-round, even if they had to pay a small fee, I think it would benefit everybody.”

Adopt a Country Road Chairman Darwin Yeary said this is an opportunity for “Adopt a Country Road” volunteers to help out as well. “It is your turn to participate in this worthy program by either doing your pick up day on your adoption, or removing rubbish and junk-like items around your place,” Yeary said. “Let’s make our properties and county home areas shine.”

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