It’s Been 20 Years

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For those of you who were not here in Parker County 20 years ago, you may not know about the horrendous incident that destroyed four families.  A driver in a drunken stupor, crashed his pickup into a car in which four young ladies were riding.  All four were killed.

The following is an account from one who remembers

It’s been 20 years since this horrible night happened and I still think of these girls. I knew Lacey the best out of the girls and she even kicked my butt playing basketball a few times to be honest. I remember how she was always so nice and seemed to be smiling often.

Lacey was such a beautiful warm sole. I am a father of a beautiful 8 yr old daughter and often take for granted how short life is and how quickly it can be taken away. Tonight I was hugging my daughter goodnight and began to cry, each year I often think of these 4 wonderful girls. My daughter realized I was crying and asked what was wrong and I obviously couldn’t tell her because she might not understand but I looked at her and told her I’m lucky to be her dad and that I love her very much. I try to always treat her and love her like it’s my last day to do so. I still think of 12/19/98 often and some years this accident effects me more than others and I can’t imagine how these girls families have felt over the years. I look back and just consider it an honor to have known them and remember what a joy it was knowing Lacey and getting beat in basketball by her. Continued prayers for the families!

– David Mills

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