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Letter to the Editor:

November 1, 2018

My husband was a patrol deputy under Sheriffs Billy Cain, Ben Whiteman and Jay Brown. During these years, Mr. Dobbs, Plugge, and Horton were all commissioners. They denied most, if not all requests from the Sheriff’s Office for anything needed, especially safety-related things, like reliable patrol cars with decent tires, bulletproof vests, etc. A county convenience store started a fundraiser to raise the money for the bulletproof vests for the deputies.

In April of 2001, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He continued to go to the office and work every single day with the exception of when he was taking chemotherapy.

In December, he scheduled his radiation for early mornings so he wouldn’t miss any work. In mid-April 2002, the cancer had spread to his spinal cord causing him to be wheelchair bound. By then, he was very weak from the chemotherapy, radiation and weight loss. He went on the county leave share program. In May, Mr. Plugge called my husband and accused him of taking advantage of the county leave share program. He said that several other commissioners were in agreement with him. Mr. Plugge called my husband every foul name ever heard and told him they were going to fire him. This would have meant he wouldn’t have had insurance for the increasing medical bills. Thanks to a diligent county employee, more people donated and gave him enough leave to cover him until his death the middle of the next month, June 2002.

K. Jones

Weatherford, TX

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