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The Armed Citizen® August 10, 2018

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Shortly after midnight, a woman called police to report a man breaking into her home. The homeowner’s son, who was visiting, repeatedly and frantically ordered the stranger to leave, to no avail. The two engaged in a physical struggle as the son tried to prevent his entry, with the aggressor ignoring multiple warnings and continuing his advance. The homeowner grabbed a handgun and passed it to her son, who fired at and wounded the home invader, but the man was still not deterred. The struggle continued, and as the son shoved the intruder back outside, he fired a second shot, fatally wounding him. Police found the man deceased in the homeowner’s yard. At press time the shooting was still under investigation, but no charges had been filed against the mother and son. Ohio’s Castle Doctrine permits homeowners to use deadly force to protect themselves against an intruder. (Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, OH, 6/25/18)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
August 1971
Two men, one armed with a machine gun, broke into a ski resort and tied up six employees in a daring holdup attempt at Soda Springs, Calif. Their plan failed, however, when they went next door to the home of Donald Schwartz, the manager. Schwartz got a shotgun and sent them fleeing with one blast. The two robbers were later jailed. (San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, CA)

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