A phony resume will pop like a balloon when poked with the truth

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Soon it will be time to vote in the mid-term election. Several people have asked for my opinion on the candidates. While I am always willing to make a recommendation, may I suggest you give my opinion a weight of about 20% and the remaining 80% to verifiable facts that you actually examine for yourself.

If a friend suggests that you should vote for candidate “X”, your first question should be “why”, followed by, “Have you actually examined his record of accomplishments, his successes and failures, or is your recommendation based on the opinion of someone else”?

If all you know about a candidate are the things he says about himself, you will likely vote for the best salesman who is pitching a fabricated resume – trust but verify! When you actually examine each candidate’s record of actual accomplishments, it will become obvious who deserves your vote. A phony resume will pop like a balloon when poked with the truth!

May I also suggest to you that it is a good idea to assess a candidate’s entire record. I am thankful my wife of 46 years did not kick me to the curb the first time I made a decision she didn’t agree with! By earnestly seeking out the good in me, on balance she could justify accepting me because the good far outweighs the bad. It should be the same way with leaders we elect to represent us. We obviously want those in elected positions to vote according to the collective will of their constituents, but it is unlikely that any elected official will pleased everyone with every vote.

Finally, if you do not know enough about the candidates, and are too lazy to become informed on the candidates and the issues, please do not vote! Your vote may have the effect of cancelling out the vote of someone who sincerely wants their vote to make a difference.

Lenny Leatherman

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