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Estes Press Release Heading

Contact: Pete Winckler


Estes & Colleagues Set to Review Free Speech, Taxes & Regulatory Barriers

Committees will examine Free Speech on College Campuses, tax transparency; identify red tape stymying business

Austin, January 31 – The Senate State Affair Committee which includes Senator Craig Estes meets today at Texas State University to hear invited and public testimony to determine whether there are any restrictions on Freedom of Speech rights that Texas students face in expressing their views on campus along with freedoms of the press, religion, and assembly. “We must protect First Amendment rights and enhance the free speech environment on campus including conservative speakers even if some disagree,” said Estes.

Chairman Craig Estes and the membership of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development will meet February 1st in the Houston City Council Chamber to examine state hotel occupancy tax clarity for taxpayers and identify and make recommendations regarding regulatory difficulties facing Texas businesses.

“I am extremely encouraged by the historic tax reform D.C. has finally enacted and am convinced it will be a huge boost to businesses nationwide,” said Senator Estes. “It energizes me more than ever to ensure Texas is doing every single thing it can to be conservative stewards of taxpayer dollars and reduce or remove any regulations that hinder the opening or operation of Texas businesses.”

The committee will hear testimony from industry representatives for oil and gas interests and the tourism industry and from the state agencies that interface with those businesses. Members of the public are also free to appear and offer testimony on either issue.

“The economic engine of our great state is robust and unquestionably the #1 reason businesses and people are relocating here in huge numbers. This committee does not take that success for granted and will leave no stone unturned as we seek to cut red tape and provide transparency and accountability,” said Senator Estes.

Estes serves nearly 820,000 constituents across Senate District 30, which includes all of Archer, Clay, Cooke, Erath, Grayson, Jack, Montague, Palo Pinto, Parker, Wichita, Wise, and Young counties, and parts of Collin and Denton counties. He serves as Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee, and as a member of the Senate Committees on State Affairs, Business and Commerce, and Nominations.


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