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First – Weatherford City Council’s ’09 Westward Annexation Attempt, then Brock, and now Zion Hill –


Swancy-200.jpgDo we think the mayor is showing his true colors? He apparently has so little regard for the citizens of Weatherford that he insults them, from the dais, in a city council meeting. His petulant comments are like a child that is afraid of not getting his way. The mayor obviously thinks the citizens are idiots, incapable of making their own decisions. He definitely “drank the Koolaid” when elected Mayor and is now convinced the citizens can’t possibly know what’s good for them.

What, or whom, is behind this push for the Zion Hill annexation? That huge development at the corner of Zion Hill Road and the Ric Williamson is currently outside the city limits. Was the developer promised annexation to obtain city utilities for his homes? Who else wants to build what in this area? The attempted Brock annexation was a weird, gerry-mandered acreage. Again, who was wanting this land for what? “Follow the money” seems to be the course of action the Zion Hill residents need to pursue. This newest attempt at annexation must be pretty important for City Hall to be pushing as hard as they are. Why the rush? Who’s behind it? Who in the City stands to gain, financially, if the annexation is successful? What is being hidden from the public’s view?


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    All I can say is the writer seems to be the one crying like a child. I went to school with this Mayor and believe he is in sink with the standards Weatherford Residents expect of their Mayor. In this writing all I see is idle speculation and I grow weary of these kind of unfounded accusations. If there is proof he is doing anything illegal then put it out their. This forum is about free speech, but I implore all writers and commentators stop with the insulting language the insult usually winds up on your own face. Cite facts not fantasy. Annexation is the legal by definition for city’s to incorporate needed growing areas for both good and bad reasons, it is not always necessary to shoot the messenger. Say you don’t support it and why and stop attacking government officials for a standard long ago set. If you don’t like the standard then propose and lobby for a change.

    1. Please watch the video from the last city council meeting before you defend this mayor. He acted like a child. And if someone were trying to take away land that you rightfully owned, I would be willing to bet you’d be upset too!

      1. Annexation is not taking away your land it is incorporating it into a different government control. Yes there are new rules that are grandfathered into the process you go through to get things done on your property, some good some not so good. But the property is still yours, it is called progress.

      2. He apologized for his remarks and gave his reasons why and when was the time to discuss this issue.

      3. He apologized after most of the crowd left per his request. Involuntary annexation is wrong, progress or not. Jack C Pickard do you have property to be annexed? Or are you a city dweller. Which is okay. That would be your choice. These folks chose to live outside of the city and not have their many regulations and rules.

      4. I question who is acting like a child I rather think he is acting like the parent trying to keep in check a room full of rowdy children.

    2. Courtney Butler

      The change has already occurred during the Special Session with SB6 so there is no need to lobby as you wrote in your blog. Gov. Abbott and elected officials across our nation denounce this act as land “piracy” because landowners’ rights are taken away. Yes-we will still own our land but at a much higher cost. The restrictions that a city mandates will greatly change our lifestyle and we will not receive city services despite the taxes we will be forced to pay. Taxation without representation is just one of the many legal issues with forced annexation. It is simple though–Americans should have the right to vote. No one should be forced to belong to a city without a choice.

  2. Absolutely! Follow the Money! It’s all to obvious! There not concerned about there job’s, there not concerned about us! Makes you wonder if there pockets aren’t lined? There pushing hard on an agenda that no one wants and they don’t care! Kevin Cleavland told me that land owners wanted to be annexed! Are those the land developer’s that keep buying up small tracts of land! Those land owner’s?

    1. Jack Pickard must be one of the developers. He has no issue with destroying farm/ranch land that has been in people’s families for generations, “in the name of progress”.

      1. That is a BS statement. I come from a 5th generation Parker County Ranching family. Have no connections with any developers. As usual another whining no nothing comment.

  3. Like Obama said people are not capable of governing themselves and that is why politicians know what is best for you.

  4. Jack Prichard, bet you wouldn’t be saying this if it was your land he was trying to grab. If it ain’t your fight, keep your mouth shut!

  5. Beware of the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing!

    (My opinion)

    In this case, the wolf is on Weatherford’s City Council –

    While campaigning for office, Kevin Cleveland presented himself as a fiscal conservative whose desire was to promote the collective will of the voters. NOT TRUE!

    Look at his voting record. The votes had hardly been counted before he ripped off his phony conservative mask! He is nothing more than a “me too” councilman who goes along to get along.

    When have you heard him introduce an original idea…or oppose the collective position of the council? He will sneak around and lead you to believe he is being ostracized by the other council members because he is fighting for you…B*** S***!

    We all know to keep a watchful eye on Mayor Swancy, but we must never forget…none of them are looking out for the taxpayers’ interest!

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