Governor Abbott Applauds Sen. Larry Taylor, Rep. Phil King’s Intention To Author School Finance Reform Legislation

June 30, 2017 | Austin, Texas | Press Release |

In the upcoming special legislative session, Sen. Larry Taylor and Rep. Phil King will author legislation to create a school finance commission. This issue was one of the 20 items Governor Abbott previously announced will be added to the special session agenda. Governor Abbott thanked Sen. Taylor and Rep. King for authoring legislation that will be begin to overhaul our outdated school finance system.

“The school finance system in Texas is broken,” said Governor Abbott. “That is why I have called for legislation to create a commission that will work throughout the interim on solutions to our failed Robin Hood program and craft serious reforms for our obsolete school finance system. I am grateful to Sen. Taylor and Rep. King for understanding the importance of this issue and applaud their efforts to begin to fix it.”

“By declaring our current school finance system constitutional, but in dire need of revision, the Texas Supreme Court has provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to fully reform our overly-complex school finance system,” said Sen. Larry Taylor. “We must seize this opportunity to make real reforms and not just tinker with a system that so few really comprehend. Our legislation creating the Texas Commission on Public School Finance will bring together, during this interim, subject matter experts, legislators, and the education community to examine our current system, identify components that are outdated, inefficient, or inadequate, and develop recommendations for a 21st century education.”

“While there have been many laudable attempts to address our broken school finance system, we’ve yet to reach consensus in the Legislature and enact real, substantive solutions into law,” said Rep. Phil King. “The problem is simply too complex, which is why we need a state commission–with representatives of the Governor and legislative leadership–to thoroughly study the issues, seek input from a wide array of stakeholders, and build consensus over the interim. I am proud to author legislation that will create the Texas Commission on Public School Finance so that we have a serious blueprint for school finance reform going into the next session.”


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