Mockingbird Lane and Charles Street intersection closure notice

Taxpayers should ask:

  1.  WHY?
  2. What will be the cost to taxpayers?
  3. Who stands to benefit from this?

We have lived in this neighborhood for 18 years and during that time I cannot recall a single time when we had to wait more than 10 to 15 seconds for traffic to clear in order to turn left or right, or to proceed through this intersection.

Another solution in search of a problem?



From Parker County Daily Post, 06/15/2016 –

WEATHERFORD (CITY OF WEATHERFORD), Texas (PCDP) (06/15/2016) – The intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Charles Street will be closed to reconstruct the intersection into a roundabout beginning Wednesday, June 22.

Transportation and Public Works anticipate the reconstruction project to take approximately four weeks, weather permitting.

Businesses and residents within the project area will have access to their property at all times. Main access driveways will be open to through traffic with occasional closures during construction. Businesses and residents within project area will be notified in advance when a driveway will be temporary closed.

For ongoing updates regarding the project, please visit For immediate questions, please contact the Transportation and Public Works Department at 817.598.4254.

Roundabout Detour Plan


2 responses

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    A non-existent “problem” turned in to a wasteful “solution”.

    There are plenty of valid STREET REPAIR glaring issues and abundant surface potholes and structural degradation from heavy rains, upon which funds could be better utilized.

    Who is responsible for this silly wasteful project?

  2. This is beyond the pale. What aboutf the street repairs that have been started and remain unfinished after several months. What about the street repairs that have never been started although needed for a long long time. It is no wondewr that Weatherford is being referred to by some visitors as the pothole capitol of Texas.

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