Jenkins worked for the insiders

Weatherford Democrat, May 12, 2016 –

Dear Editor:

In the race for the County Court at Law 2 position, one candidate was appointed by a small group of political insiders as a reward for his loyal and obedient service to the insiders.

Whether spearheading the Dewhurst campaign against Ted Cruz or manning the phones when that same small group of insiders tried to defeat an incumbent Republican County Commissioner, Curtis Jenkins worked hard for the insiders.

Not every lawyer is qualified to be a judge.

A search of the Court records of Parker County during the candidate’s brief stint as a private attorney, ten years ago, shows he had only one potentially contested civil case. He does not claim to have ever tried a contested civil case and claims to have tried only ten criminal cases in 23 years of practice.

Lynn Marie Johnson has been involved in hundreds of contested civil and criminal cases. It is not rude or impolite to point out differences in qualifications between the candidates and Parker County should be entitled to the most qualified Judge available to them.

A patient who faces life-threatening open heart surgery would want a surgeon to have been in the operating room hundreds of times rather than a few times. That would be true even if the surgeon was a sweet, loyal, obedient political insider.

It is disappointing that certain elected officials and political insiders have resorted to name calling.

The name calling is a symptom of the problem of having political insiders decide who the candidates should be based on the candidate’s ability to take orders from the insiders rather than the qualifications of the candidates.

When the insiders select an unqualified candidate, their only recourse is to resort to ugly name calling.

Ed Huddleston

Hudson Oaks


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