Gentry the best choice

Weatherford Democrat, May 15, 2016 –

Dear Editor:

As a taxpayer and voter in this county, I would like to show my support for Jenny Gentry, candidate for Parker County Tax Assessor Collector.

I have known Jenny most of her life. Raised in the same community, it was also my honor to be her teacher and watch her grow into the woman of integrity that she is today.

I can say without hesitation that Jenny has led an exemplary life as a student, adult, parent, and community member.

As a retired teacher with 31 years experience, I can honestly say she is an honorable person. She has spent her life in service for others, and is a deserving candidate for this position.

She not only has previous experience in this office, but she has many new, innovative ideas that would make this office run more efficiently and productively for the citizens of Parker County. No other candidate has presented anything that compares.

 Change and progress can be good, and I believe that Jenny is the candidate to get things done!

As Parker County continues to grow and change, we need to see growth and change in our county government. The status quo will not keep up with these ever changing needs.

As is often witnessed in political contests, candidates will often cross the line into personal or defamatory tactics; the “whatever it takes” mentality. There is no place for this at any level. I can say with total confidence that Jenny has run an honorable campaign and can be totally proud of the person she is.

I will be casting my vote for Jenny Gentry. I hope the citizens of Parker County will do the same.

Research the candidates, and I’m sure you’ll agree that Jenny is the best candidate.

Debbie Robason


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