Propositions for consideration on Primary Election Ballot

Friends – When you go to the polls to vote, there will be four propositions on the Republican primary ballot.  These propositions are brought forth by the Republican Party of Texas and were approved by the State Republican Executive Committee. The SREC is the leadership committee of the Texas Republican Party. These are non-binding but intended to send a message to elected officials as to constituent priorities. Below are the propositions with background information:

PROPOSITION 1 Texas should replace the property tax system with an alternative other than an income tax and require voter approval to increase the overall tax burden.

Background: This proposition was originally targeted toward seeking input on whether or not Texas should require voter approval to increase property taxes but was altered before adoption by SREC to also ask voters if the entire property tax system should be scrapped.

PROPOSITION 2 Texas cities and counties should be required to comply with federal immigration laws or be penalized by loss of state funds.

Background: This proposition is seeking input on whether you believe sanctuary cities should be banned.

PROPOSITION 3 Texas should prohibit governmental entities from collecting dues for labor unions through deductions from public employee paychecks.

Background: This proposition was based on SB 1968 that was proposed and discussed by the legislature during the 84th Session.  The concern is that many union members object to their union dues being used to fund liberal political action committees (PACs).  This legislation failed to pass.

PROPOSITION 4 Texas and its citizens should strongly assert 10th Amendment Rights guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution which states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Background: This proposition is direct language from the 10th Amendment and intended to gauge whether or not primary voters have a strong interest in the proper balance between state and federal power.

State Representative Phil King represents Parker and Wise counties in the Texas House of Representatives.

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Will you please share your opinion on each of these Proposals? 
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