Obama vetoes bill gutting Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood

GOP bill was the first to reach President Obama’s desk on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Washington Examiner, By Robert King, 01/08/16 –

sideScrollLarge-bd10137a0787c5a05753084f5b51f1d7Human beings are naturally anthropocentric. We like to make everything about other human beings. We see faces in potatoes, but not potatoes in faces. We impute human emotion to inanimate objects, swearing at our laptops when they seem to be messing around with us.

In The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins blames this trait for the rise of religion. Our ancestors couldn’t accept that floods just happened; they must somehow have been caused by human wickedness.

Is our generation so very different? We, too, struggle with the idea that weather is not, ultimately about human misdeeds — defined, these days, as environmental pollution generally, and carbon emissions specifically. We treat climatologists less as scientists than as sacerdotal figures, expecting them not simply to analyze what is happening, but to offer us policy prescriptions. We want penances (in the form of emissions caps) and indulgences (in the form of carbon trading). When bad things happen meteorologically — whether in Texas or in Yorkshire — we want to blame human activity.

We do so despite the fact that, if you listen carefully, meteorologists are making no such link. The unsettled weather, as they are perfectly well aware, is mainly the result of the El Nino phenomenon. Neither the United Nations climate panel nor Britain’s Meteorological Office has posited a causal connection between rising CO2 levels and rivers in northern England bursting their banks. The closest they get is to say that extreme weather events are “consistent with” global warming.

Well, yes. They’re also “consistent with” a vengeful deity. They’re “consistent with” being caused by witches. I’d be much more impressed with the climate lobby if they set out a weather pattern that would be inconsistent with their global warming thesis. After all, as Karl Popper said, the essence of a scientific thesis is that it is verifiable; that’s what distinguishes science from superstition.


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House will hold vote to override veto of Obamacare repeal

Paul Ryan pledged to take the effort to end the law “all the way to the end under the Constitution.”

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