Intend to cry over unborn, too, Mr. President?

From, by Charlie Butts , 01/08/16 –

obama-crying_350x219President Obama, while crying over gun violence, needs to learn to shed tears for the unborn, too, says a pro-life activist.

Judie Brown of American Life League says the president was a hypocrite for shedding a tear over violence in the United States, when he announced executive action on gun laws at a Tuesday press conference.

“When the root cause of all of that violence is killing babies in the womb,” she says.

Not only does President Obama advocate that, Brown says, but he advocates for giving more federal dollars to the nation’s biggest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

President Obama shed a tear during his speech, when he recalled the first-graders killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Yet pro-lifers and conservatives have pointed out that Obama, when an Illinois state senator, repeatedly voted against legislation that would have forced doctors to attempt to save the life of an infant that survives an abortion.

Obama claimed at the time that he would have voted for the pro-life law if it contained a “neutrality clause,” and he claimed that pro-lifers were lying by claiming that it did. later reported that the clause was in the bill despite Obama’s claim that it wasn’t.

An estimated 57 million unborn babies have been terminated since 1973, and there were predictions then that legal abortion would lead to a callous belief in human life.

Brown“People who have decided that they will advocate for aborting babies, no matter what, are people who will never see the humanity of the least among us,” Brown tells OneNewsNow.

Pro-lifers, she says, believe meanwhile that they are “defending innocent human beings.”

She contends President Obama doesn’t care about the humanity of anybody.

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